Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You Guessed it

OK so either you all are really smart and know me well or I made that WAY to easy for you.... Either way you all are right, well, half right I really did work at Disney World just not as Eeyore, I worked at one of the resorts for a short time.

!. Yes, I was in fact a Police Explorer. I once had a dream of becoming a Police Officer. I am not really sure why but I did..

2. This is in fact true. My family name is Reitano and we are from Sicily. There is a Small village in the North Eastern part of the island named Reitano. That is where my family on my fathers side came from. My grandmother immigrated to the US through Elis Island when she was 7 years old with her Sister Katherine and her Mother and Father. My Grandfather immigrated to the US also through Elis Island with his mother and Father along with his 4 brothers and sisters.

3. Yep you guessed it this was the lie.....

4. This was my first car although my car did not look this good. Mine had a dark blue hood, a white door and a green fender. I tell you though that car cost me $50 and ran great for 4 years until I got rid of it for a car that looked better cost me more and ran like a piece of junk..

5. Lisa I knew you would get this right LOL.. I once worked as a nanny for a family who owned their own business making those tacky t-shirts that say Daytona Beach on them that you see in the gift shops all over the beach. They were HUGE Miami Dolphins fans and even had a dog named Shula. They participated in a celebrity golf tournament that Chris Collingsworth (an other player). I got to attend because they were bringing the baby. It was great because I was 18 years old got to stay in 5 star resort and hang out by the pool all day with professional football players (Boomer Esiason and yes Kim I did meet Jim Kelly tell Kevin I have a picture with him). Then there was a dinner and a photo session so, I have a book with Autographs and pictures of several big name football players. It is really funny because I am probably the least interested person in football I know LOL... Now my best friend Lisa is a HUGE Dan Marino fan and drools over the picture of Dan Marino that I have.


Cheri said...


That was a fun blog entry!! I am going to do it today so be sure to check out my blog. Anyways, I am SOOO jealous that you got to meet Dan Marino. I've never really been into football but once Shane and I got married, I started watching it because it's his favorite sport. Anyways, Shane still collects football cards and he even has a whole binder filled with nothing but Dan Marino cards for me!! :) (He also has a binder of Emmitt Smith for me and my two new favorites are Big Ben from the Steelers and Willie Parker). You're so lucky you actually got to meet Dan!! :)


Lisa said...

LOL. This was fun. You are right, I love the picture of Dan that you have. He is the MAN!!!

Love ya