Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sweet as honey

What will she look like?

We think about this everyday. We wonder what Sophia will look like.

Will she have hair?

or will she be bald?

Will she have spikey hair (like someone we all know)?

Will she be small?

or will she be big?

Will she be happy?

or will she be sad?

Will there be two?

The bottom line is it does not matter we already love her or them and we have know idea about any of this.. We just know she will be sweet as can be......


Cheri said...


OMG, know I just spent atleast 20 minutes trying to comment on your blog and it kept saying "page not available".

But I had to keep trying and I couldn't go to bed until I told you what a WONDERFUL and sweet post this was. I LOVE every single picture you put on there and those captions are so sweet. I often wonder the same things about Hope. And you are so right, it doesn't matter that we don't know a single thing about them, but we KNOW that we already love them with all our hearts.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this was the sweetest!!!

Love ya!!

Angela & Bryan said...

now that made me cry Susan! We wonder the exact same things about Ella every single day. Thanks for putting how I feel into words for me! What adorable pictures!

Waiting with you
Angela :)

Dannye said...

that post sums up our feelings so perfectly...every day we wonder, imagine, and daydream, but the only thing we know deep in our hearts is that she will be perfect for our family and that's all we ask for each and every day!!

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Susan -

I can't tell you how many times I have been over this post in my head about Hannah. Me and Kevin sit down at dinner and ask each other "what do you think Hannah will look like"

We both think she will be teeny, have darker skin and have a little bit of hair and pretty tulip lips. Those are just our gut feelings. It's fun to think about it.

We love her no matter what she looks like and just can't wait to see her picture!!

AG'smoma said...


What a wonderful post! Made me cry, which I've been doing a lot of today!

I agree with everyone about how we talk about that and think about it all the time. Brian seems drawn to the Hunan province, so it won't suprise me if that is where Abby Grace is living now. We know that she already has our heart, as well as all of our family and friend's heart.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

geminirn said...

GREAT POST!!!!!!!!We ask each other the same things on a weekly bases.....will she have hair????where will she be from??????? how old will she be????? will she even be a she?????