Saturday, August 18, 2007

Retro Saturday!!!!

Well, we can't call it RETRO without a little something from the "Queen of Pop" that's right Madonna... Like her or hate her, you have to give credit where credit is do. The girl can sing and dance and is a genius with reinventing herself. It is simply amazing to me that she has been around for over 20 years. I think "Holiday" was the first song I heard of Madonna's and I instantly loved it and wanted to hear more. Who among us girls of the 80's can say we were not influenced in some way by Madonna's fashion style? I know I had plenty of bracelets, lace tops and skirts.I mean really, Come on, didn't we all look good with leggings under a skirt and little white sneakers and white lace socks? Funny, 20 years later I am now buying Madonna's children's books for Sophia's book library "The English Garden" is my favorite. I never in a million years would have thought then that Madonna and I would have anything in common but, we do, we are both adoptive mothers..

I thought about posting Holiday today but then I thought "Get into the Groove" from the Movie "Desperately Seeking Susan". I must have watched this movie a million times. It is a total cheese ball movie but then it was great. If you have not seen it I would recommend it for a rainy Sat. afternoon when your hubby is working LOL (definitely a girl movie)..

OK enough talking lets watch and listen to the video..

One more thing, I don't think one day a week is enough "RETRO" it was really hard to pick just one song today. Riz had a good idea to have a Man's pick for "Retro".. What do you think?


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Susan -

I can't believe how much we think alike. You beat me to a Madonna video!! :) I so thought about posting this today. It is my fave Madonna song. It totally takes me back and I do like that movie. Yes, I wanted to look like madonna, dress like her and even though she was a "rebel" in a way, I too wanted to be like her. I totally miss the leggings, hairbows and cute skirts - they were a blast! I absolutely love this song!!

Oh, its funny you mentioned the man pick idea because Kevin always tries to tell me what to post - LOL! I think he would really enjoy having a pick every saturday. If Riz does it, I know kevin will join in for the "Retro man's pick".

Great idea!!

Love your choice!!!!

AG'smoma said...

I thought about posting a Madonna song today, too. Isn't it true there are too many too choose from to only be able to put one on Retro Sat?

My favorite Madonna songs are Holiday and Borderline.

Brian will love to pick a song, so get ready for some arena rock!

Sophia's Mama said...

Kim and Cris lets not wait for next Sat. for the guys to chose a song... Cris, Riz wanted me to put up a Hair band song every week since we started LOL... Our musical tasted is pretty wide too. I love the hair bands :)


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Hey guys - Kev will post his pick this afternoon! I know he was into like Metallica and stuff, but he likes a lot of cheesy stuff like me too!!

I can't wait to see the guys' choices!!