Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays

So much is going on with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays.
I wanted to take a moment out to update the blog.
I have been away to long and really miss putting my thoughts down here.
I was recently looking back at a few old post and realize just how much I have missed blogging. It was so wonderful to look back and relive some of what has happened to our lives in the past few years. A sort of trip down memory lane if you will. It got me thinking that this blog is much more then about "right now" or about us. It is more about Sophia and preserving memories for her. I always want her to know she was loved from the moment she was thought about. We want her to hold dear memories and traditions of our family. We feel like it is our job to create those memories and traditions for her and then preserve them for her in some way. We have begun to do that in many ways even before this year, the blog being one of them. We have added a few new things this year like attending the Candle Light Processional at EPCOT. We want her to know that the true spirit of the season is about giving to others. We want Sophia to understand that we have a responsibility to others and that giving is not only a responsibility but a pleasure as well. This year we picked an angle off of a Salvation Army tree and shopped for a 2 year old little girl. We have donated clothes,food and toys to a local a charity as well. We know she is still young and probably wont grasp what we are doing but we feel it is important to teach her these things early so they are just part of her normal routine. We believe that we have been blessed with so much and we want to share that where and when we are able.
Our Christmas looks like this so far. Every Christmas Eve we used to attend Midnight Mass at our church but with a small child that is just not possible so we are going to the Mass at 4:30 on Christmas Eve. Our Church does a Live Nativity with the Children's Choir. It is a spectacular Mass that depicts the Nativity Story with the Children in the Church playing the lead rolls, The Children's Choir does all the music and Live Animals come right down the middle of the church. It is truly a beautiful thing to witness. After that we will return home to start to prepare for Santa Clause to come. Riz and I have been having a very none traditional Christmas Eve Feast of Chinese Food Every year since we started waiting for Sophia to join our family. So we will again do that. Then Sophia will get her bath and then into her Pj's That the Elves left her while we were at Mass. Daddy will read "Twas the night before Christmas" and then Mommy and Sophia will leave out Milk and Cookies (Sophia wants to leave Fortune Cookies) for Santa . Sophia told me last night we can't forget the reindeer so I have to get some carrots for them too. Then it is off to bed for Sophia. Mommy and Daddy will have a long night of putting together toys that Grandparents bought her. Everything we got her is already put together :)(Smart mommy and Daddy). Last year was our first year as a family at Christmas, but this year Sophia is very aware of the whole experience and is very excited to experience anything and everything Christmas related. We are so really looking forward to Christmas morning seeing her face when she comes down the stairs and sees what Santa has left for her. We will have Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee (Sophia will have Coco) and just have a nice relaxing morning of watching her open gifts. Our families are coming in the afternoon for dinner and more festivities. It is a good thing we are off for two more days after Christmas so we can rest up after all the fun. This Saturday we are taking Sophia to Disney World to see all the beautiful Gingerbread displays at the resorts. Disney Hollywood Studios has a spectacular Christmas light display every year so we are going to try and catch that as well.There is just nothing like Disney World at Christmas time.
This all brings me right back to my initial thoughts when starting to right this update.
The New Year is coming!
It holds so much excitement for our family and what is yet to come for us. Sophia will be starting Montessori School on Jan. 4th and we are all excited about that.
I normally don't make New Years resolutions or should I say I don't normally stick to them but this year I am going to make one and try very hard to stick to it. I want to update the blog more often maybe once a week or once every other week might be easier to do.
I don't want to miss the details of Sophia's childhood......

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy New Year
a Very
Happy Holidays from our family to yours.
with love
The Rizzo Family