Friday, October 31, 2008

Her first Halloween

Tonight was so much fun. We dressed our little Ladybug up and took her Trick or Treating. She did great and had a good time. She had a look on her face most of the evening like "WHAT in the world is going on" but she went with the flow. Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. All of our neighbors decorate their homes and dress in costumes. Everyone from our town comes to our neighborhood to Trick or Treat. Our first stop was our neighbor on the corner. He told us that last year they had 800 kids and the people down further on the street had over a 1000. It is CRAZY around her on Halloween but oh so much fun. One of our neighbors brakes out their grill and hands out Hot Dogs and Soda. It is like a real block party atmosphere.

Sophia was a Ladybug this year but we also had several other costumes that we played with all week.

enjoy the pictures....

The Red Dragon (Thanks Aunt Wendy)

The Yellow Duck (Thanks Mama)

The Sunflower (Thanks Auntie Stephe)

Our little Ladybug (thanks Grandmas and Grandpa)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween

Sunday, October 26, 2008

....there is a first time for everything

Mommy and Daughter first shopping day... We bought her first Christmas dress and lots of other nice things.

Lunch in the food court
The first time she flew a plane
drove a car
rode a cow

First trip to the pier with Mama and Baba
First day of fall
First Mickey Mouse ice cream Yummy
and we are out of the high chair and into the booster seat.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tag you are it........

I have been tagged by my friend Tammara. Tammara has a great blog with great music and 3 beautiful children. Check her blog out here....

Seven weird and random things about myself.....

1.I will sleep for 3 days if I take anything that makes most people "a little" drowsy...
2.I sleep with 4 pillows...
3.I love to wear Riz's white t-shirts to bed, I love to smell them...
4.I am a political junkie and I love donkeys LOL
5.I am fiercely loyal to my friends even though most of them like elephants... LOL
6.I love to fly and stay in hotels
7. I have never been further west then New Orleans, LA well unless you count China....but that is East right?

can you tell I am doing this late at night while watching CNN....LOL...

So now I am supposed to "TAG" 7 people, so here it goes...

Karen is a great friend who has 2 beautiful boys and is waiting for her referral from China (anytime now).Karen has a great southern accent and a child like spirit.

Our Journey to Kaelie

Stephe is one of the most organized people I know. I am often n Aw of her and her ability to research any topic... She is also waiting for her referral from China (anytime now). Giorgia Danette

Donna is a talented, creative women and a friend. Donna is one of the sweetest people on earth with a heart of gold. She is waiting for her referral from China and will be a first time mommy in just a few days.
Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth

Wanda is a wonderful friend who is waiting for her referral from China. Wanda and I have supported each other during this long wait. Wanda is one of those people who looks mild mannered but under that sweet exterior is a wild and crazy girl (kind of like superman).LOL...

There and Back Lexi's Story

Hope is one of the funniest people I know. She is a woman of great faith and is willing to speak her mind. I admire her more then she knows. Hope has one beautiful daughter from China

Baby Izabella

Wendy is one of my dearest friends without Wendy and her two beautiful girls Riz and I may not have made it through the wait with our sanity. Wendy is a world of knowledge about child development and China adoption. Above all Wendy has been a great support whenever we need it and we love her like family...

Charmed in China

Susan is one of my closest friends and was my rock for most of my wait for Sophia. Susan and I traveled to China together for our girls. I am so glad that we met and know we will be life long friends. Susan has beautiful twin girls who are precious to us.

Love Times Two the true adventures of Lily Kate and Eleanore

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Ice Cream, is there anything that says childhood more that that? Riz and I both have childhood memories of going to Dairy Queen with our parents. We are lucky enough to have this great little Dairy Queen close were we live. This is an old fashioned, walk up to the window kind of place. We love it there and go once in a while when we are in the mood for a Blizzard or a Milkshake. During the time we waited for Sophia we would go there and talk about a time when we would bring her with us. This weekend we decided to go for a ride and have some ice cream and Sophia loved it just like we knew she would....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Isn't she cute?

Mommy's favorite hair accessory....

Friday, October 03, 2008

One month to go

We have one month to go before we as Americans exercise one of our rights,

The right to vote.

I would urge those of you who are not registered voters to find out when the deadline is in your state to to get registered. Here in Florida the deadline is October 6th, that is Monday. You Floridians have just a few short days to get yourself registered to vote in this election. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat the important thing is that we exercise the rights we have as US citizens, voting being one of them. Educating yourself on the issues and getting out to vote is most important. I found this blog that will help you do just that, educate yourself to the FACTS and the issues. There are so many things that are important in this election, please don't be a one issue voter.

PFM Side Button Round copy

I have a point of view and many of you know where I stand on many issues. I am not going to discuss it here but I am willing to talk privately about it if you would like. My goal here is not to try and sway you opinion. I just want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. We may not always agree on the issues or where the candidates stand on the issues, but that is why being an American is so awesome. We don't all have to believe the same thing or in the same way. We can have our own point of view, our own opinion. We can support the candidate who we most believe in.

One month from today we will go and cast our vote for the 44th President of the United Sates of America. We look forward to voting and to election night. We are also looking forward to taking Sophia with us for her first Presidential election. I feel very proud that I will be carrying one of this country's newest citizens with me to exercise my right as a women to vote in this historic election....

We are one month away..... Please get out and VOTE!