Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our last weekend

Saturday October 16th 2010 our last weekend as a family of 3 here in the states. Next Saturday we will be touring Beijing, China with Sophia and the rest of our travel group. We are so looking forward to bringing Sophia back to China to experience the sights a smells of her birth country. We have been reading books and talking about the trip and what we will see while we are there. Sophia is SUPER excited about going to the Great Wall,so are we :). Some exciting things are happening before we leave for the airport in 4 days. Our house that has been on the market for 2 years is going to be shown today. Wish us luck it would be a real blessing if we could sell the house and with our luck it will sell now with 4 days to go before this trip of a lifetime ..

Monday, October 04, 2010

Our flights are booked

This picture is one of my very favorite moments from our trip to China for Sophia's adoption. This was the moment we first saw Jiangxi,China the birth place of our first daughter. It was the most beautiful moment and one I will never forget. I took this picture on the approach to the Nanchang airport. The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful shade of pink (something not accurately captured in this photo). The mountains were covered with misty clouds and the rivers and rice paddies below looked like a patchwork quilt. I remember feeling my heart flutter when I realized that we were about to land in province of our daughters birth. I was very emotional at that moment. Full of excitement and anticipation of what the next day would bring us.

fast forward 2 years and four months to today, 16 days from the day we leave for China to bring our second daughter home. I feel very emotional excited with anticipation about what is a head of us. I think about how we are about to change the life of two little girls. I think about how are lives are going to change. I wonder just how things will unfold for us in every way a parent expanding their family does. I pray that Amelia is strong and able to make the transition from a loving foster family to her loving forever family. I want peace and happiness for her. We love her beyond measure already and she has been part of our hearts for 4 months. In 20 days we will hold her for the first time. In 20 days we will have her in our arms forever. In 20 days the lives of four people will change in a big way. in 20short days the world changes in a good way. I sit here tonight thinking about what is to come and reminiscing about our trip to Sophia I can't help but think of the families we traveled. Most of us started that rip as strangers but now have a bond that will be there forever. I wish each of them could be with us as we make this journey back to China for our second daughter, Amelia.....

We leave for China on October 20th
our family day will be October 25th
we return home to the USA on Nov. 4th