Wednesday, August 08, 2007

365 Days

The 2008 Olympic Gameswill begin in Beijing China on 08/08/08.

The number 8 is very important to the people of China and is said to be a symbol of good fortune.This morning (US Time) on 08/08/07 at 8:08pm (Beijing time) the countdown Officially began. Riz and I love to watch the Olympic games.This year will be even more special because we will have been to China and back with our daughter Sophia. We are excited that our friends and family will have the opportunity to experience a little of our daughter's birth country, the culture,customs, food and most of all its people. We are very happy that China will be showcased during the 2008 Olympic games. We of course wish that we would have received our referral long ago. However, we are over come with emotion when we think about teaching Sophia about this historic event and how it happened in her birth country in the year we became a family. We think that it makes her life story even more special. We hope that you all will be watching too. We have an other reason to be excited about these Olympic games. During this long wait I have met another waiting mom, her name is Melissa. Melissa is waiting for her daughter who she plans on naming Sophia Rose ( and get this...We almost picked the name Sophia Rose (because of Riz first name being Rosario) and she almost picked the name Sophia Joy, how funny) but I digress. Anyway, Melissa has shared many of the same feelings as I said above. Pride in China and joy about sharing with her daughter her life story and how the Olympics were part of it.Melissa has a cousin who will be participating in the 2008 Olympic games in China. Her name is Natalie Woolfolk . Natalie will be part of the US Women's Olympic Weightlifting team. . Melissa could not be more proud of her cousins world class athletic accomplishment. When she talks about Natalie she beams with pride. I know Melissa will share with Natalie that she now has a huge extended family of adoptive families cheering her on. We think it will be exciting to cheer on someone we kind of know.

We hope that you will watch along with us to cheer on Natalie and to learn a little more about China, our daughters birth country...


Cheri said...


Wow...I never knew that the number 8 is important to the people of China. Eight is my lucky number!! :)

And guess what? We are 16 LID days away from our referral. If the CCAA can get through 8 days in September and 8 days in October then we will get our referral in October.....c'mon me the 8's!!! LOL :)

~elise said...

Susan, we love the Olym too! We were in Salt Lake for the winter ones and saw men's skating, women's hockey, ski jumping and just general mayem and fun! We'd love to do it again!

Cheri, I think you are SOOOOO close! hang in there!