Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High School Memories

Cheri did this on her blog and asked all her loyal followers to join in and share their memories. So I am willing to play along are you? Well Riz and I went to High School together so all our answers are the same. We both tolerated High School and were really glad when it was over. There were lots of good memories of those days but they were mostly from times away from school.We were lucky enough to go to High School in Daytona Beach in the 80's when Spring Break was at its peak. MTV and hoards of collage students would come every year. The free concerts and and Collage Expos were great and the "partying" was not bad either LOL.. The one memory that stands out for both of us is not a happy one. In Florida whenever a Space Shuttle takes off it is a big deal. We went to school right across from the beach and could see the shuttle launches from the School campus. On Jan 28th 1986 it was unusually cold for Florida. We were both in School, I was in Mr. Piccolo's math class and Riz was between classes. All of the teachers would put the launch on the TV's in class and we would all watch it leave the launch pad then run outside to see it leaving the atmosphere. On that day we all knew immediately that something was different, something was terrible wrong. We learned quickly what had happened and a sadness feel over the school. It was one of those defining moments in life. The kind that you can never forget where you were when it happened. Riz and I both remember every detail of that day. I think our whole school grew up that day.......

Name of High School: Seabreeze High School
School Colors: Red & White
Class Mascot: Sand Crab.....
Yeah you heard right a Sand Crab
Year of graduation: 1986
Class Colors: Royal Blue and Silver (We did not know this until we looked at the year book)
Class Flower: White Orchid
Class Song: Don't you forget about me by Simple Minds
Class Motto: Through every hello is the beginning of a goodbye,do not lose heart:For Every goodbye may also be the begging of another hello (WHAT! Who in the world came up with that)
How many people in your graduating class: 392
Were you chosen for any "Class Favorites": NO
Any sports or activities: NO
Were you a class officer: No
Were you Valedictorian or Salutatorian: No
Were you on Homecoming court or Prom court: No
If so, did you win: N/A
Did you go to Homecoming & Prom: NO
Homecoming Theme: "Carnival"
Prom Theme: I have no idea
Favorite Teacher: Riz was Mr Tarizzo for obvious reasons Susan Mr. Piccolo because he was hot
School Alma Mater:
I have no idea
Favorite memory senior year: Graduating


Cheri said...


Okay, I first started out reading your post with tears in my eyes (that must have been an awful day for all of you). Then I ended up laughing hysterically at some of your answers...the motto (HILARIOUS), alma mater (no, favorite memory ( that because you hated your senior year? lol) and the funniest of them all, "your teacher cuz he was hot". You are so funny!!

Thanks for doing this, I really enjoyed reading it!! :)

Love ya!!

Nancy said...

I can also remember that day vividly. One of our teachers (from podunk IL) was actually a finalist and went through all the training. He finally had to return home, instead of watching the launch due to several delays.
The entire school watched the launch.....and disaster.

I remember probably less about HS than you, surprisingly enough.