Monday, August 20, 2007

Cyber Hug !

Please join me in wishing Susan a VERY Happy Birthday. We hope to have Sophia home and settled in by this time next year, to celebrate as a family of three. It is funny how all your life you think about celebrating your birthday for yourself but, now we celebrate each passing milestone with the thoughts of Sophia and how she will be included in each celebration. I think one of the best presents Susan got this year was seeing Elise (a mom from our agency) with her daughter Violet for the first time this weekend. Elise is in China now and was united with Violet on Sunday.

Happy Birthday Susan.... I love you, Riz...


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

Cheri said...


Happy Birthday!!! I want to say, "Hope it's the BEST birthday ever"...but I know that birthday will be next year when Sophia is here to celebrate with you! But I hope you have a GREAT day and do something fun to celebrate!!

Love ya,
Cheri & Shane

Sophia's Mama said...

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes... How sweet is my husband for putting this post on the blog for my Birthday? Thanks Riz I love you too...


AG'smoma said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy your day!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!!! I hope you have an amazing day (with that awesome hubby of yours!). What are you doing to celebrate the Big Day?? I cannot wait until we are all celebrating with you and Sophia next year!!!!!

You are wonderful!!
Much Love,

geminirn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!Hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!

This time next year you guys WILL be celebrating with little Sophia in your sweet is that.

Stephe said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday dear wonderful, amazing, best mommy-to-be to Sophia, Susannnnnn!
Happy Birthday to...

yoooouuuuuuuuuuu! :)

Love Stephe, Pirate and of course Giorgi!

Dannye said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! what a great hubby to post it for you!! hope you get all you want and more, you deserve it!!

baci326 said...


This is the very last birthday you will have without Sophia to celebrate with you!

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!

Wendy, Kate & Claire

Melissa said...

Happy belated b - day Susan!! Riz is so sweet, I can't wait to meet him!!

Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Susan! Sorry for the late wishes! :) I hope you had a wonderful day. Next year on your birthday you will be celebrating with Sophia! :) Wishing you all the best.
I am also an August baby...I am a Virgo...are you Leo or Virgo? I can't remember when Virgo starts. tee hee
Have fun

Angela & Bryan said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Susan...this is your last one without Sophia!!

I love birthdays that go on and on!! lol!

Angela :)