Monday, August 13, 2007

730 days

This is how long it has been since we started.... OK so today it has officially been 2 years since Riz and I signed our first adoption application. We have learned a lot about ourselves over the last 2 years. Here are a few things we have learned… 1.We have more patients then we ever thought was humanly possible. 2.We can make friends more easily then we ever thought we could. 3.There is a lot of information out there about adoption, some bad but, mostly good. 4.We have so much to learn when we started this process and still today have more to learn. 5.That there is an amazing community of adoptive families out there. 6.That your heart can grow, without you even realizing it. Adoption has made our hearts grow. 7. That the world is a much bigger place then our four walls or our little town. 8. Most things are not as bad as they seem. 9. That we will make mistakes as parents and that is OK as long as we recognize that we did and learn from the mistakes. 10. That I am lucky to be married to the best man in the world and he will be a wonderful daddy. 11. That sometimes things don’t happen the way you planned. 12. How to be more flexible. 13. To be more generous. 14. To be more responsible. 15. To be more excepting. 16. How to pack and travel around the world to become parents. 17. How to blog. 18. How to wash and fold baby clothes. 19. How to read children’s books. 20. That we love children’s TV. 21. That we are not crazy about children’s music but, that we will listen to it for the sake of our daughter. We love music and want her to love it as well…. 22. That we could love someone so completely who we have never met. 23. That we love our daughter beyond measure already. 24. That I will be a good Mom and Riz will be a Great Dad. We hope that in the next few months this wait comes to an end and our lives as a family begin…….. We are ready to put everything we have learned into practice.

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