Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, I don't know if this counts as "RETRO" because it was made in 1999 but, it was all filmed right here in Daytona Beach. Kim, because you started "Retro Saturday" and I know how much you love the beach I am posting this one for you. I wanted you and all our land locked friends out there to get a small glimpse of what Daytona Beach looks like and what fun you could have if you came for a visit.


Len--- Steal My Sunshine


Kevin & Kimberly said...


Thanks for posting this! I remember this song and how it gets stuck in your head :) I'll be singing it all day - LOL!

I had no idea it was filmed at Daytona. I have been there once when I was like 10, but don't remember much about it -except for the cars on the beach :) I'd give anything to be there now though and absorb it more and really be able to enjoy it.

Thanks for giving me a little piece of the beach today - hopefully we will get a chance to meet you guys there one day with our girls :)

I am so glad you decided to do retro Saturday :)

AG'smoma said...

That's cool, Susan! I remember that song, too. And, yes it does get stuck in your head-lol. Since, we've been to Daytona for the past couple of years, alot of that looks familiar to me, can't wait to come back next year and we can have Sophia and Abby Grace at the beach!

AG'smoma said...

Oh, I think it's time that Cheri joined in on the Retro fun!!! What do ya'll think?

Sophia's Mama said...

LOL I know I have been singing it in my head since last night LOL..

It will be fun if we could all get together with the girls at the beach once we are all home. How Fun..

Cris Cheri can't play she still has dial up can you believe that LOL.. Come on Cheri you are missing out LOL


Kevin & Kimberly said...

I've been wondering why Cheri hasn't joined in yet :)

I know she has some 80's love inside her after her New Kids story :)

Yes, Cheri, I agree - upgrade to DSL so we can see your choices :)

AG'smoma said...

That would be great for us all to meet at the beach! What a wonderful time that would be. I wish we lived closer to the beach, I mean ON the beach! Preferably on a tropical island. Ok, back to reality!

I understand now why Cheri hasn't joined, but I think it's time to upgrade, girl!

Cheri said...

Hi girls....Okay, I have to be honest...I don't have high speed internet because I can't afford it...we're using all our money to adopt from China!! LOL Just kidding. I know I'm the only person alive who still has "stupid" Dial-Up and I really want DSL. My parents and sisters all have it and love it. Everytime I type in my phone number, it says "DSL is not availabe in your area at this time". I even called the phone company because my parents live SO close and they have it. They said that it "might become available soon"...I've been waiting two years now!! LOL

I have thought about getting the highspeed from our cable company but alot of people I know have complained about it. So, I think I'll just have to sit back and wait alittle longer for DSL.

But I will still join in with the Retro Saturdays...I will just have to post pictures of my choices instead of music and/or videos!!

So girls, that's my story!!! LOL


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Cheri -

Yea, I am glad you are joining in :) Doing the pictures will be just as fun. I can't wait to see what you choose! :)

Sophia's Mama said...

Cheri, I will post you video for you....