Friday, August 03, 2007


It's official the CCAA has complete referrals for the month of August. They completed another 7 days worth of LID's. What this means is that families with their adoption paperwork logged into the China Center of Adoption Affairs CCAA) between November 15th and November 21st 2005 will be seeing their sweet babies faces for the first time in the next day or so. Riz and I want to congratulate all of those families who are realizing their dreams come true. What this means for us is that we are 7 days closer to realizing our dream come true. There are 50 days between November 21st 2005 and January 10th 2006. The CCAA is now 7 weeks away from our LID. We hope and pray that we will start to see some sort of speed up but, we are realistic and know that the best predictor of the future is the past (that sounded just like Dr. Phil). We could be looking at another 7 months to wait for our dream to come true. The excitement is building each month when referrals come in because we know more and more families receiving their referrals. Our adoption agency has one group of families in front of us. They should be seeing their dream come true in October or November. We can't wait for them and for us because then we will be able to say that we are next with our agency... I look forward to that day.. If you would like to see some of the BEAUTIFUL babies check out the Rumor Queen site.


Cheri said...

Susan & Riz,

Hi!! Another month of referrals means another month closer to Hope & Sophia!! :) Seven days may not be the greatest but it's better than two, right?! Hang in there!! I have a strong feeling that once they get through November -December is going to FLY by and then it will be your turn!! I am still hoping and praying that we BOTH have our referrals by the end of the year!!

Love you guys!!

Cheri & Shane

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Susan -

You are right - another month closer!!

Let's just get out of November already - then cruise through December so we can see Sophia, Hannah and Hope's faces!! Who knows - maybe they are together already somewhere in China!!!

geminirn said...

WOOHOOO!!!!Yes we all just got another month closer...hang in there girl....this is going to happen*grin*

Dannye said...

you are getting so very close, I just know that speed up has got to happen soon!! and I am so looking forward to meeting you the end of this month, it's gonna be loads of fun!!

Sophia's Mama said...

Dannye, I can't wait either we are going to have a great day shopping, eating and getting to know each other and the other waiting moms who are going to join us. I hope for the same speed up as you not only for myself but for all of those that are behind us in line. We will all have our children one day (hopefully) soon.