Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well Groomed

So today was our grooming day. We started out early for Hair Ku (our hair salon) where I got a cut and color and Riz got a hair cut and a little manscaping LOL. Paul was nice enough to trim Riz's goatee and eyebrows. Now that everything is under control we feel better about that LOL. the we were off to Target for a few things we needed for the house before we leave. Next we went home so I could Mop the whole house and Riz could fiddle with electronics. This afternoon we went to the mall and I got a pedicure a manicure and my eye brows waxed (the uni-brow just would not do LOL). Riz in the mean time sat in a message chair and fought off the advances of the nail girls trying to give him a pedicure LOL. He told them he was waiting to have his done when we get to China LOL. Then we met our best friends and our god kids at Barnes and Noble for a coffee and a last minute visit before our trip. They are so excited for us and the kids are so anxious to have Sophia here so they can play with her. We came home after that and at 9pm had a Roast beef sandwich for dinner and started to read tons of e-mail. I wanted to send a e-mail to our friends and family about our flight schedule, so I did that. Now I am posting the blog entry for the day and although it is already tomorrow (June 11th 12:11am) this post still counts as 2 more sleeps to China....6 more sleeps to Sophia
Update: My friend Cheri's dad just sent me this cool link so you can track our plane if you want to..Thanks Gene...


Julia said...

I do not know if I posted a comment on your site before, but I know Cheri & Shane and I have been following your blog for a while! I wanted to say I love the pics you post before your blog entries (the holy cow was awesome LOL) and I love that you blog almost daily! I pray you have a safe and wonderful trip. And I know you must be so happy to be so close to holding your beautiful baby in your arms!

Cheri & Shane said...

Susan & Riz,
You are all READY to go...it won't be long now!!! We love you guys and we can't wait to see pictures of all three of you as a family! Enjoy your last day of relaxing and think about how much you have to look forward to in the days ahead!
Cheri, Shane & Hope

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! 1 more sleep to go! I am so excited for you. YOU LEAVE TOMORROW!!!! Can you believe you can say that now? Wild. Looking so forward to reading all about this wonderful adventure! We love you guys and want you to tell Sophia how loved she is (and has been). Have a glorious time! (We know you will!)
Amy, Matt, Benjamin, and Lottie

Sherri said...

You guys have a safe trip and we will be following you the whole way. We can't wait to see pictures of the day your holding Sophia in your arms. I hope you get some sleep tonight!
Hugs from Port Charlotte, Fl
Sherri, Todd and Sam

Kevin & Kimberly said...

You are all set!! I too have been enjoying your daily blog posts!

Have fun doing the last minute things and you can start counting down the HOURS before you leave!

Best wishes for a safe trip!!

Kevin and Kim :)