Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Our China Itinerary

It is finally real.. it is happening .. we are going to China or as our friends keep saying "YOU ARE GOING TO FRIGGIN CHINA!" LOL... we are so excited and running around doing all the last minute things that need to be done. Yesterday we got our itinerary.

June 12th (Thursday) Leave Orlando to Chicago to Beijing

June 13 (Friday) Arrive in Beijing and meet Zhou we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing

June 14 (Saturday) We will visit The Great Wall and do some shopping and lunch by the Wall. Then we will visit the Olympic Stadium (The birds Nest) (how cool is that)

June 15 (Sunday) We will tour Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Silk Factory, and have a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing (another t-shirt for Riz)...Then we fly to Nanchang..We will be staying at the Galactic Peace International Hotel in Nanchang

June 16 (Monday) We will walk across the street from our hotel at 10am and meet our daughter! Our Family Day will be June 16th but it will still be June 15 here in the states so technically it will still be Fathers Day LOL

June 17(Tuesday) Notary apply for Chinese passport and Bonding and Shopping..

June 18 (Wednesday) Free day of shopping, resting (yeah right LOL) , bonding and sight seeing We will go to Walmart this day from what we hear it is like a religious experience in china much different then here in the US.

June 19 (Thursday) Sight Seeing with the group

June 20 (Friday) (Fly to Guangzhou at 5:45pm we will be staying at the Victory Hotel

June 21 (Saturday) Visa photos and Medical exam for Sophia

June 22 (Sunday) Shopping at the jade and Pearl Market and paperwork in the evening.

June 23 (Monday) Visa appointment and visiting the fish and bird market experience the Guangzhou subway..(we may skip that and visit with our friends that live in Hong Kong and will come up to see us).

June 24 (Tuesday) Consulate appointment at the US embassy Guangzhou China

June 25 (Wednesday) We leave China for Hong Kong and then on to Chicago and then Orlando

It all seems real now.. 9 more sleeps to go and then we embark on our life changing journey to become a family of 3.....

(OK so I could not think of a better traveling song but I am open for suggestions LOL)


LaLa said...

So excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay, yay!!! I can hear the total scream of excitement in your posts! I so wish I could be there to offer to help do things or just to scream with you! We couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations! You will have the time of your lives! You've waited for this and read (studied/absorbed) all about it for so long. You are ready. You will cherish this trip. Sophia is one very loved little girl...and will be forever! We love you! Many hugs and jumps and screams!
Amy and family

Donna & Andrew said...

How exciting & I luv your song choice.

Angela & Bryan said...

Oh Susan and Riz,

We are sooo excited for you ~ we cannot wait to see what Sophia looks like now and hear what type of personality she has.

You will be getting Sophia on Father's Day and we got Ella on Mother's Day ~ too sweet!!

Angela, Bryan and Ella

Cheri & Shane said...

We are SO excited for you guys!! All your dreams are about to come true and VERY soon everyone will be commenting on your blog about your "BEAUTIFUL NEW FAMILY"!!

We love you guys!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

The best of luck... so excited for ya...