Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello from Beijing China

Well we made it...We are here FINALLY!... It all seems so unreal....

OK this is going to be short because we are exhausted but I had to post right away when I was able to open blogger without any trouble at all.

We started our day with our parents leaving us at the airport. As we walked through security and turned back and saw the 3 of them there crying and waving it was to much and we both lost it. We cried all the way to the gate, all tears of joy....We started out at 3:45am Eastern time when our alarm woke us for the day.. Out of the house by 5:30am.. flight left for Chicago at 9:07. We met the rest of our travel group in Chicago were we had some bonding time for several hours. Everyone is so nice and it was really nice to put a face with a name... The flight to Beijing was PACKED! and took off at 12:38pm Central time. As I said the flight was PACKED! we were luck enough to get 2 middle seats in the middle row (hear the sarcasm right?) LOL... really though the two people sitting on the end rows were very nice and tolerated us getting up frequently to stretch our legs. We had 3 meals and 2 snacks and did not sleep a wink the whole 13 hour flight. We watched The Bucketlist and Definitely Maybe for movies and the discovery Channel for a while. All in all the flight was good and went by quicker then we had imagined...So I have some tips for those of you waiting to travel...

1. As soon as you have your tickets call for your seats do not wait until 24 hours before the flight like they say you have to. If you have children traveling with you tell them that they will make sure you are together.

2. If at all possible do not fly United... Plane was a mess, Flight attendants were rude....If you do fly United pay for an extra seat or upgrade if possible to economy plus.

3. Do not take anything on the plane with you are as little as possible when I say it was cramped that is an understatement. I took magazines could not concentrate to read. Brought Uno cards never played them, brought the i-pod never took it out. Just plane on sitting there in amazement for 13 hours....they have ear phones and XM radio on the plane

4Avoid the noodle soup bowl... Our friend Alice told us that but we tried them anyway they are really bad...

OK we are going to go exchange some money with Zhou (pronounced Joe) and check out the Lobby here at the Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing...

Big hugs from China we will post again tomorrow night our time (12 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard)..

Love Susan and Riz
3 more sleeps to Sophia

Oh P.S Riz said and YES the beds are ROCK hard
P.S.S. I cam e right in the room and brushed my teeth with tap water LOL DAH..Exhaustion


Lisa said...

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear from you. We are so excited and can't wait to meet Sophia, now get some rest and have a blast!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi from PB Gardens!! I am reading your last note to Tom and we are "having a moment" as he says!! God bless you guys!
Love, Tom & Deb

:)Amy B. said...

# 2 from PBG!
I'm so excited for you guys. I am reliving my trip through yours. Enjoy Beijing, it wore us out, which was nice for deep sleeps at night! Don't worry too much about the water, Mike brushed with it the whole time we were in China with no problems...although I wouldn't recommend it myself! ;)Amy

Marcia said...

I love your was hilarious and SO true! Sorry you got stuck with middle seats in the middle row..that SO sucks. We flew United and completely agree with everything you said! Rude flight attendants, cramped (it is like you are a Barbie on a plane made for Pollie Pockets!), and the noodle bowl was GROSS (and I like Ramen noodles). Oh yeah, we didn't sleep on the way there either!

I'm so glad that y'all are there. I know you had to be exhausted. I hope you catch up on your sleep. Have fun in Beijing!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Appreciating the tips!!! Sorry the flight over was such a bear but man you guys have something special to look forward to now that you are there!!! It's great to be able to follow along with you!

Sherri said...

Susan, thanks for the update in China. We have a lot to look forward to when we go!! I love what Marcia said about the seats:
(you are a Barbie on a plane made for Pollie Pockets!)..that is just too funny, i'm so glad you gave us that update and I even printed it out, I don't want to forget it. Love you both and I can't tell you how thrilled we are knowing that Sophia is not to far away from you now.
xoxo From Home (FL)

our treasures said...

Glad you made it. I brushed my teeth too with tap water and am still here to talk about it. have a wonderful time and enjoy everything and shop shop shop in Guanzhou.

Anonymous said...

DON'T FORGET TO GET SEAT ASSIGNMENTS FOR YOUR FLIGHT HOME WITH SOPHIA! MANY PEOPLE IN OUR GROUP DIDN'T AND NO ONE WOULD MOVE TO ACCOMODATE THE FAMILIES. Therefore, some couples were separated...not fun for new parents dealing with their children. Call or have someone else call to arrange your seats together!

So happy to hear you are there! Congratulations and have a blast!


Angela & Bryan said...

oh I am in tears just thinking that you are in the same country as Sophia and the same country we just left less than 3 weeks ago with Ella.

Life is going to change...but it is a wonderful change. Can't describe the feeling of actually becoming a Mom after all this time! I am soooo happy for you!!

hugs Angela :)

Tamara said...

I so remember the beds! the hard as rocks is an understatement. I am so glad to hear that you landed safely! Can't wait to hear about the Great Wall and the stadium. You are just a couple days away from Sophia!

Dannye said...

this is soooo cool....i am soooo excited for you guys, and am so glad you are posting right away, can't wait to see Sophia in your arms (2 more sleeps your time!!)

love you guys!!

-Dannye & Ray

Anonymous said...

yes i told you about the noodles!!! glad to hear you arrived safely and i feel the same way about united.... take care only a few more days..
grandma alice

NewMommy said...

Congrats to you both! I am so excited that you are in China and will shortly have your baby girl. Best wishes for safe travels. Looking forward to your blog on your big day.


Tamara said...

Saturday morning here- means Saturday night there. I hope you loved the Great Wall as much as we did. It was wonderful. GOTCHA day is just around the corner and you will have her Sophia in your arms!!!! Glad that you are able to access blogger- how is SKYPE working??

Rick Hughes said...

Susan and Riz,

I am so excited to watch your journey unfold. I am already crying and you haven't even got Sophia yet. Our prayers are with you and as I will be living vicariously through you. Enjoy every second.
Joy and Rick

geminirn said...

So happy to hear that you guys made can you believe you guys are in CHINA!!Isn't it a wonderful feeling.Looking forward to your next post.
Hugs from Canada