Friday, June 27, 2008

Home at last

We are finally home with our beautiful daughter Sophia. 28 months ofwaiting 2 weeks in China, flight home cancelled, 1 night in a ruralChina hotel, mom sick on the plane ride home, welcome homes inChicago and Orlando...the whole trip PRICELESS...The past few weeks have shown us that have been blessed beyondmeasure with the most beautiful little girl, wonderful families, anda great group of friends. When we left for china we knew this but ithas been proven over and over to us.We were lucky enough on each of our 7 flights to sit next to reallynice people. The last man (Jim) was beyond patient not with Sophiashe was an angel on the flight home. I on the other hand with about 7hours left to go in the flight got major air sick. I was cold andsweaty but felt like I was on fire. Moments later I was surrounded byflight attendance handing me cold rags and bags of ice and oxygen hadvomited and they said my eyes rolled back in my head. They moved Jim(the guy next to us) to a jump seat for 3 hours (poor guy). I feltterrible that he was displaced but he was great about the wholething. I of course was drawing a lot of attention that I really didnot want. I was so embarrassed and then United made me take a wheelchair when I got off the plane. This although embarrassing was reallya blessing because the attendant helped us find our way throughimmigration, customs, security and to our gate with time to spare....Lorrie, Marie and Tom I am so sorry you all came all that way and wecould not stop and talk for longer. I wish I would have know youwould be there to great us ion Chicago I would have insisted I walkso we could have spent more time with you all. Thank you so much forbeing there it means more then you know...When we got to Orlando we were greeted by the best homecoming offamily and friends. They had Signs, posters, balloons and flowers andAmerican flags. It was overwhelming when we got off the shuttle andsaw them all jumping and yelling "there they are here they come"waving to us. Thank you Luke for catching it all on video for us wecan't wait to see the finished product.China was wonderful and I have lots of tips for all of you waiting totravel. When we get unpacked and over the jet lag I will start a postabout that. We can't believe our journey is over and that we are nowhome as a family of three. In many ways it is very sad to us that ithas come to a close, but of course we are ready to begin the newjourney to becoming a true family of three...Thank you all for taking the time to follow along our journey we loveyou all and can;t tell you how much it means to us that you were hereto share it with us....all our loveSusan, Riz and Sophia


Alyson & Ford said...

Wow! Tears of joy and happiness that the three of you are HOME!! Of course, we aren't so happy that you got sick!!! Ugh! Aly and I look forward to your "tips". Rest up and enjoy your whole new LIFE!!!

Mike and Rhonda said...

So glad that you guys are home (sorry about the horrible trip home)!!!!! Even though we were not physically at the airport, please know that we were celebrating with you guys.

LaLa said...

Welcome home!!! Glad you made it safely and now can get some rest : )

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Rizzo Family, I am terribly sorry we could not be at the airport to meet you. I was in Tampa at USF wth Jarrett for orientation. Susan, I am sorry you got sick, I know how you felt, United wanted me to use the wheelchair as well, but I knew my boys would be upset if they saw me wheeled off the plane. we are thrilled you are home at last and cant wait to see Sophia. Give us a call when you are up to visitors. We love you all
The Lanes

The Greeson family said...

Your adoring fans from OH are SO grateful to you for posting this update. How terrible to be sick on the flight home! Are you feeling better now? Was it only air sickness? I hope all you are dealing with now is jet lag...and hopefully it will pass as quickly as possible.

We've loved following along. We just really wish we still lived 5 blocks away so we could run over to your house...or bring you dinners...or anything like that.

Congratulations on it all thus far! How wonderful to be home as a family of three at last! While you feel sad that the trip is over, we know that you will go back. We relived our trip through yours. As you now follow other blogs it will just be all the more special b/c you will draw on all of your memories of your own trip (as well as being so excited for whatever family you are following).

Give your daughter a big hug and kiss from us! We CAN'T WAIT to meet her! (Anyone know any cheap airlines anymore?)

Love to your whole family!
Amy and crew

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Susan/Riz and Sophia,

Welcome Home!! I am so glad you guys finally made it after what you went through with the delays. Susan, I am glad you are feeling better! Motion sickness is not fun, I know!!

Looking forward to hearing more about beautiful Sophia and the start of her wonderful new life in Florida!!

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of your first days being home as a family!

Kim :)

Amie said...

Congrats! The welcome home sounds magical... minus the whole air sickness fiasco. ;)

She is just beautiful!


Sherri said...

Welcome home you three. It was wonderful keeping up with you guys in China - blogging sure is a beautiful thing. Now you can just enjoy the rest of your lives together as a family of 3.

Sherri, Todd and Sam

Doreen said...

Welcome home!!!!Glad you finally made it home. This'll just be another amusing memory to tell Sophia.

Doreen in Montreal

Tonya said...

Thanks for letting us ride along on yalls journey. Can't wait to see your btdt tips and to see your baby grow.

Donna & Andrew said...

Welcome home!

AG'smoma said...

We're so glad you're home safe and sound! I'm sorry you had a rough trip home. I know you are glad that is over!

Can't wait to watch Sophia grow and blossom in her new family!!

Brian, Cris, and Abby Grace

hiltonsheadeast said...

Welcome home you three. I can't tell you how much it meant to us to be there when you came home. We will never forget it. Thank your for letting us share. Your families were awesome. They welcomed us and did not mind us intruding. We can't wait till things settle down and we see you guys here at the HIlton Manor.

Lori & Andy

Maggie & Billy said...

Welcome home guys and much joy to you all as you begin your journey as a new family!
Maggie & Bill

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Welcome home... what a great journey... hugs to you all...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Rizzo Family!!!!!The Reeds,Carol, Bill and Emily Rose

Tamara said...

Welcome home! I am so sorry that you got sick on the way home! That makes for a miserable plane ride. So glad that your row mate was a nice guy! I hope your recovering from jet lag!
I wish we could have made it to the airport to Welcome you home- but know that we were thinking about you.