Sunday, June 15, 2008

I was able to get on

I am going to leave it up and see if it will work tomorrow... thanks Hope and Karen....I have been trying to upload pictures to blogger and yahoo and they wont go for some reason. i am so tired now all of a sudden so I am going to go to bed and dream of my daughter :) just a few more hours.. I will post pictures tomorrow for sure..

Love you all..



Amy said...

Sleep well sweet friends! I know your dreams will come true in about 10 hrs! We can't wait! I've pretty much had happy tears every time I see a post from you. Have a glorious day tomorrow!

We love you!
The Greesons

Marcia said...

I am glad you are tired..I hope that helps you get a good night sleep tonight. I can't wait to see pictures!!

Happy Father's Day, Riz!!

our treasures said...

Get some rest you two. you will need it.

Sherri said...

Susan & Riz,
Riz - Happy Father's Day, being a parent is just a wonderful thing and baby Sophia is going to be so proud of her Daddy. She will love you both so very much and we 3 are so very happy for you guys. Happy Forever Family Day! Can't wait to see those pictures of the 3 of you, wow 3 of you now.
Love,Sherri Todd and Sam

Anonymous said...

You have been on my mind all week...especailly today. Happy Father's Day Riz. Waiting excitedly for pictures. Missing you both and wishing you every ounce of happiness.
Carolyn S.

Cheri & Shane said...

We have been gone all weekend and we've been thinking about you guys EVERY second!!! I can't believe the next entry on your blog is going to be pictures of Sophia in your arms!! We're so excited for all three of you!!!

Happy Father's Day, Riz!!!

(P.S. I'm home ANYTHING I can do to help out with posting...just let me know)

Love you guys!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I would have never believed it to be so close... ohhh goosebumps

Anonymous said...

By now the time has come and you two are parents... So excited for you. Today is Bruce's bday and the day that Miss Sophia came into your lives will never be forgotten. HAPPY FATHERS DAY RIZ!!!
Love Grandma Alice

Patsy said...

Happy Father's Day Riz and Susan!


Anonymous said...

I found your pictures!!! You make a beautiful family! I called Alice and we shared a few tears of joy together. This is wonderful. I can only imagine your feelings of joy and completeness. God bless this family with many years of love and happiness!
Carolyn S.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you are! Sophia is finally in her Mama and Daddy's arms! We are filled with emotion and great joy for you guys! We can hardly wait to see you all!

She is your very own. God is so good! What an amazing and special time for you.

Much love and prayers,
the DiMuro family