Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This is a miracle

Riz and I have been overwhelmed with emotion in the last 4 days. More excitement then we ever dreamed, more love then we could have imagined possible, more happiness then two people deserve. The past four days have been such a high that a euphoria has come over us. After so many years of wanting and dreaming of a family it has finally happened for us. We look at Sophia and know instantly why god chose this road for us, She is our little miracle. To think of all the things that had to take place to put Riz and I in the right place at the right time when Sophia was ready for us, it is a miracle. We look at her and our hearts fill with more love then we ever thought possible. She is ours, our daughter our miracle. God is great!

We have a few more details about our daughter....
We have decided to incorporate Sophia's Chinese name into her American name.
Name: Sophia Joy JinTe Rizzo (Jin means Beautiful... Te means Special).. We certainly think she is both beautiful and special..

Birthday: March 31, 2007
(3 days before Riz's birthday)

Weight: 15lbs (in Nov.)

Height: 23in (in Nov.)

She is in Wanzai, China and is in foster care. She has been with the same foster family since August 17th 2007
(3 days before my birthday)

The medical report says that she is a "HEALTHY" "NORMAL" baby. She was approximately 7lbs 4oz at one day old
18inches in length at one day old

Her diet consist of Milk powder and Rice cereal about 10 oz at a time (She is a good eater) along with mashed fruits and vegetables conji, (rice porridge) and noodles (that is our little Italian girl LOL).

She likes to suck her fingers while she sleeps and is a deep sleeper ( I see naps in her future with daddy). The report goes on to say that she can distinguish between acquaintances and strangers and has a ready smile. She babbles and giggles at her foster mother who she is very close to (great for bonding and attachment development). It says she likes to mimic adults and waits for them to respond to her (so cute). The report says she likes TV, music and to be outside (perfect we do too). Her developmental report says she can stand with assistance and can sit on her own. She can transfer toys from one hand to another and if she drops a toy she looks for it. She turns her head and follows sound and movement. She knows her name and turns when her name is said. She can pick up small objects like beans (Beans is a nick name Riz calls me) with her fingers. She can reach for objects near her and likes to "taste" everything with her mouth. She can hold her head up while lying on her stomach, She can roll supine and prone on her own. It says that she is fond of playing games, reading picture books, playing with toys has a quick reaction and is obstinate at times Oh NO LOL.....

again... we are truly blessed and in love with our daughter Sophia Joy JinTe Rizzo

******OUR MIRACLE*************


Lisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS is she precious! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

The more we read the more excited we are!! We can't wait to see her and hold her :) It is great that you are getting all of these "details"...she sounds just perfect!!
We love you guys!
Tom & Debbie

Yoli said...

She is stunning. Wow, that is one gorgeous baby! Congratulations guys!

Susan said...

I still can't get over how LOVELY she is. We cannot wait to meet her and watch our girls all together. C'mon TA's!!!

We love you guys!

Susan and Jonathan

Cheri & Shane said...

All I can say is....PERFECT!!!! That's the best word to describe her!!

Love ya!!

Paul & Denice said...

Dear Susan & Riz,

Congratulations on beautiful daughter...See you in China

Denice & Paul Wilson

Paul & Denice said...

Susan & Riz,

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. See you in China.

Denice & Paul Wilson

Anonymous said...

YAY! I am back online and can see SOPHIA again! I missed her for those few days when our computer crashed! I can't wait to hug her in person...when she isn't too freaked out by overly excited stranger approaching her. Love the name Riz and Susan!
All our best,
Amy and co.

Anonymous said...

After such a Long wait Congratulations from downunder she is beautiful. I cant wait to watch her grown up.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cograts Susan & Riz! She is an absolute doll!
Peggy (fellow panda)

Julie said...

A miracle indeed!! Counting the days til the TA comes - can you fit me in your suitcase????