Thursday, May 29, 2008

14 more sleeps to go

It is so nice to be able to count down to our departure for China instead of counting up to our referral..

14 Days from today we will be on a plane headed to Beijing China. We will in fact have been on the plane for 8 hours already with 7 hours left before we land. we will have been traveling for nearly 20 hours... WOW that is so unbelievable to us. This is what we know so far

We leave Orlando Airport on June 12th at 9:07am headed to Chicago O'Hare.

We arrive in Chicago at 10:47am and meet up with most of our travel group.

We all depart for Beijing China at 12:43pm

13 some odd hours later we arrive in Beijing on June 13 at 3:00pm and meet up with the rest of our travel group and Uncle Zhou.

We leave Beijing on June 15 at 5:10pm headed to Jiangxi (Sophia's home province).

We arrive in Jiangxi at 7:30pm (Zhou is trying to arrange for us to get our Baby that night because it is Fathers day not sure if that will happen or not but if you think about it even if we get them the next morning it will still be Fathers Day here in the US.... hee hee hee ) .

We leave Jiangxi as a family of three on June 20th at 5:45pm headed to Guangzhou, our final stop in China.

We then will leave Guangzhou on June 25th at 8:25am headed for Hong Kong we arrive in Hong king at 9:20am.

and finally we will board our plane for home on June 25th at 12:45pm we will arrive home to the US in Chicago we arrive at 2:20 pm and have a short lay over departing Chicago for Orlando at 5:45 and touchdown in Orlando will be 8:41pm

There are many more details of our trip. We are expecting an e-mail from Zhou at any time about the particulars of our trip. When we will see the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, The Olympic Venus, When our Family Day will be, When our legal stuff has to be done and when our Consulate appointment is (we know this already is the June 23. I will explain more about this appointment in another post). We can't wait to share all the details with you...


Lisa said...

This is sooo exciting!!! It really is happening!! We can't wait to welcome Sophia home!!

Love you guys

Cheri & Shane said...

Congratulations....the countdown has begun!!!

We're so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I been reading your blob for a few months and after the earthquake I wasn't sure that you would be able to go but I am so thankful you are and I am so exciting for you. God bless you. It isn't long now!!!!

Sherri, Todd and Sam said...

Congratulations....where has the time gone? I just seems like yesterday you got her referral and now your jumping on a plane. Sophia will be with you both before you know it!! I'm/We're so very excited for you both.