Friday, May 09, 2008

One week ago

What a week this has been...It is hard for us to believe it has been one week already since we first laid our eyes on Sophia's beautiful little face. We have spent the last week gazing at these 3 little pictures and wondering how much our daughter has changed since they were taken in November. Our agency is working on getting us updated information about Sophia and hopefully updated pictures. We have a care package already to put in the mail, I'll do that on Monday. Tomorrow we are spending the day baby shopping.. We need to get a car seat and a few other items, so we are making the trip to Babies-R-Us. Riz has always wanted to buy me a rocking chair for Sophia's Nursery. When he was born his father bought one for his mother to rock him in when he needed comforting. Riz wanted to do the same for me and Sophia. We are going to look for a rocker while we are out tomorrow too. Riz is also planning on taking me to dinner at P.F. Chang's (one of our favorite places to eat Chinese) for Mothers day. Sunday we will go to church and then spend the day with family. This year mothers day holds new meaning for me. Although I have felt like a mother for two plus years now it is more real, more special this year because I know my daughter. I know what she looks like, where she is, that she has big brown eyes, pretty dark hair, tiny little ears, a button nose and most of all the sweetest smile I have ever seen.... I am really looking forward to my first "not sad" Mothers Day.. This year no sadness only joy....

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there. To those still waiting, for those who just received referrals especially all my Jan 10th travel mates. To all my wonderful friends and most especially our family...we are so happy to have you all in our lives and are overjoyed that you all will be sharing in Sophia's life...


Susan and Riz


Anonymous said...


Cheri & Shane said... week down....and only a few more to go and soon you will be holding that sweet little baby!!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!!! I'm so happy that you have your referral for this special day. Enjoy your weekend!! :)

A special "Happy Mother's Day" to Aunt Susan (from Hope)

Love you!!

Susan said...

One week has changed our lives so much. We knew in our hearts we were Mom's but now we have a face to go along with the love in our hearts.

Happy Mother's Day Sophia's Mama! Enjoy every second of the day and just wait until we hold those babies for another celebration of Mother's Day (and if EAC pulls it off, Father's Day too :))

Much love,

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I am so glad you have your referral and can just totally take joy in the day!

Have fun shopping for things for Sophia!!

Sharon said...

Happy Mother's Day! Now you get to stand up in church when all the other mothers do for a special blessing!! Enjoy!

Ooh...and get that vanilla ice cream banana thing dessert at PF Changs tomorrow!! Yummy!

You better have Sophia by Father's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day! Your daughter is beautiful.
Tara Winslow
LID 3-15-06

Wendy said...

What a cutie pie!!! Congradulation


Alyson & Ford said...

Have a great Mother's Day!
We want to see pictures of all your new purchases - especially the rocking chair!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Mike and Rhonda said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!You received your referral before Mother's Day, so hopefully you will receive Sophia by Father's Day. How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! Isn't it the most awesome thing :)
Hope you had fun shopping!
Love, Tom & Debbie

Marcia said...

Happy Mothers Day! Did you find a rocker?

I'm looking forward to some updated photos! I hope they get them to you soon!