Friday, May 02, 2008

A Jingle from the past

Keeps coming to my mind..Can you guess which one? This wait is a killer..People always told me the closer you get the harder it is and I never believed them but it is oh so true...
So, here is where things stand as of 9:16 Friday morning May 2nd... Rumor Queen is saying "something" is in the air. We are not sure what this is but there is speculation it could be referrals. If this is in fact referrals then we would expect to see them start arriving any time now. In fact RQ's post says that 2 agencies are saying they expect something on Monday. We may be looking at one more weekend of waiting (there goes that jingle again). If we don't hear anything today it will be next week for sure..What day, well, that is anyone's guess, we of course are hoping for Monday, the agency says it could be Thursday or any case we are just a few days from knowing our daughter and that is an awesome feeling... We will keep you informed as soon as we know something....
oh and one more thing..Each month around referral time RQ post a "BABY" post where she list the blogs of all the families who are expecting referrals in this group. Well today she put out the call for all those families to list their blog in her comments section so she can put that list together. I have been waiting so long to type my blog in that post and I did that this morning, it was an awesome feeling....


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Yes, it is an AWESOME feeling to finally post your blog on RQ!! Congrats!!

I know it will be a long weekend for you, but it will hopefully fly by!! Do some shopping for Sophia...celebrate!!

Can't wait to see her little face!



Gail said...

Waiting in "ANTICIPATION" with you.
Hang on, Keep breathing.
She is very close.

Tamara said...

I can name that jingle in two beats-
We are so happy for you and Riz and can't wait to see what the Flamingo is bringing. Hope they land soon and you have your referral Monday (today would be good) What a wonderful Mother's Day present.

Anonymous said...

Susan and Riz,
We are so happy for you guys! Cannot wait to see baby Sophia Joy's beautiful little face!!! Finally CONGRATULATIONS to your new sooooooon to be little family!

The Reed's,
Carol, Bill and Emily Rose

Sherri, Todd and Sam said...

I saw your post on RQ this morning and I bet it felt good to post it there. You are for sure getting closer and closer and I myself are so very happy for you and Riz. I can't wait to see her little face.

Julie said...

Love the post, but I am stuck on the jingle. I think I am so excited for you that my mind is not clear - any hints? I am usually great at this stuff. What is wrong with me?

I think it is because it takes so long for the ketchup to come out, but I am blank on the jingle. UGH!

Karen said...

Hey Suz...

Hang in there! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you hear something today! It would be great not to have to wait for the weekend to be over. If you could just know her birthday, province, and see a picture!!!

I'm so glad you are in this time!