Monday, March 31, 2008

There are just no words.............

From Rumor Queen
"Cut off might be the 9thMarch 31st, 2008
One agency has notified their families that the cut off will be the 9th and that 10th will not be included in this batch.
This one is somewhere between an R2 and R3 at this point."

As I said there are just no words.....
Not a done deal yet but this is what it look like this month.... We missed it by one day....


Angela & Bryan said...

oh Susan,

I don't know what to say...I hope it isn't true.

sending you the biggest hugs

Melissa said...

So sorry.... I know you will get through this and you will see your sweet girl next month!

LilyKate's Mom said...

This is so hard. I always kinda thought this might happen, but it doesn't make it any easier right now. I know we'll get over it and get excited again next month, but right now, it just sorta sucks.

Love to you and Riz,
Susan and Jonathan

Cheri & Shane said...

I am SO sorry...but don't give up hope until you know for sure.

Thinking of you both...we love you guys...hang in there!!

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Susan..I am so sorry. The same thing happened to me when the cut off was 12/ hurt more than words could ever say.

Thinking of you and hoping this isn't's just so hard.



Anonymous said...

SUSAN&RIZ, I love you both& we will get thru this set back too. Dont forget your family&friends are with you thru this little detour. We will have Sophia soon!!!!! LOVE MOM

Alyson & Ford said...

We hope you hear some good news in the next couple of days. Hang in there!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Sherri, Todd & Sam said...

Susan, I just read RQ myself and I thought of you. I really hope that isn't the case, no one knows for sure yet so don't give up. If anything you know for sure you will see her little face next month with no worries at all.
Keep strong my friend and we will continue to PRAY!!
Love, Sherri

Tamara said...

Susan and Riz-
I hope it's not true- and I know how hard this is. When we were waiting for Meison's referral- we got our "first call" which was when we sent in our visa applications- for our agency it meant that referrals would come in a few days- and we ending up having to wait another month. It was disappointing to be sure- but we knew we were next-
I know that doesn't make it any easier (nor did any of the stories that people told me) but I am so sorry that it has happened to you two.
Lots of hugs and prayers being sent your way-

Mike and Rhonda said...

Susan and Riz,

By far, these labor pains are worse than any physical childbirthing experience. These pains hurt where no medicine can heal, where no medicine can relieve the is deeper. It hurts to your very being, the very core of a human being. I cannot tell you how sorry I am that you guys are going through this. Please know that Mike and I love you and support you.

Scott & Hope said...

Susan & Riz, we are right there with you all!! We love you and can't wait to be with you in China!!

Hope & Scott

LaLa said...

So sorry and hope it isn't true. IF it is then you KNOW you are next...hang in there.

Julie said...

There just aren't words.... I am sure you are tired of hearing it, but if the cut off is the 9th, then Sophia just isn't in this batch - and I know you want her - her paperwork just hasn't come to your "matcher" yet and God is just putting your paperwork in line to match hers. And OH HOW SWEET that will be!!! We are thinking about you and the Loves! This has been a long road but the end is around the corner!!