Monday, March 10, 2008

26th Month !

WOW! that is unbelievable really...

We are so happy that this wait is coming to an end for us, finally. With our LID being Jan. 10, 2006 today marks 26 months we have been waiting for our daughter and the last LID anniversary we will celebrate, or endure depending on how we were feeling that particular month. We are looking forward to celebrating referral anniversaries or better yet Gotcha Day/Family Day (not sure what we want to call that day really) anniversaries. We wonder how many of the months we have been waiting has Sophia being waiting too. We know in reality she has not been waiting for us at all, but rather just living her little life. We are ready to see Sophia's little face to know where she is, how old she is, if she has hair or not, is she small or big, we are ready to know all about our daughter. Things are getting very exciting for us as we finish up household projects (painting) and start some new ones too (kitchen remodel). We are also finishing up our packing list and shopping for the things we will need to travel to China and bring home our girl. We recently bought a video camera, something we have never had the need for before but with a little one on the way we wanted to capture not only our trip to China but all of those great baby moments when we get home. We bought one but now we don't like it and may return it and follow the recommendation of our friendly neighborhood technology guru (our friend Luke) and get the Hard Drive camera. We are also in the market for a second car so we have been studying and researching mini vans, something else we have never had the need for in the past but now we think it will make traveling easier with a baby and multiple family or friends at one time... My best friend Lisa and I are going shopping for all the medical stuff we need for the trip and just in general for the baby. Our great co-workers are throwing us a baby shower on April 16th and our friends and Family are giving us one on April 26th (for those of you who keep asking me we are registered at Babies-r-us, Target, and MaharDryGoods.Com) we know why so many, but I love to shop and each have some unique things we like and we wanted to give people plenty variety to chose from. We are so overwhelmed with the idea that so many people want to do things for us, we want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. I have to give a special thanks to two of my favorite people first Amy thank you for mentioning us in your last entry to Lottie's website, you made me cry. We miss you all and can't wait to see you again. Julie H. Thank you so much for your generosity we can not thank you enough for giving us the Texas medical kit and all the other goodies. It will bring comfort to this first time mom while we travel.

One last thing and I am done with this blog entry, I promise....

The poll... Thank you to all 44 of you who took the time to take a guess where our daughter will be from. Some of you I know others I do not but it is so nice to see we have so many readers... here are the results... It will be interesting to see what group wins...


Thanks again to all of you for your support and love over the last 26 months it has been what has carried us through this wait for Sophia...We love you all..


LilyKate's Mom said...

We are on the same wavelength today, aren't we? We are also having baby showers around the same time - one one the 20th and the other on the 26th. Isn't it great to be celebrating instead of wondering when this wait would ever come to an end?

C'mon April!!

Sherri, Todd & Sam said...

Susan, oh my goodness I can't believe you guys are next, 26 months already how wonderful is that! We're very happy for you. Sorry I missed your pole, wish I could have gotten to it sooner. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you guys and can't wait to see referrals come out.
God Bless you and your family,
Love, Sherri

Layla said...

Sorry about the video camera drama. Don't worry, Luke and I have no opinion on what kind of car you should get. Can't wait for the shower. I love having a good reason to buy cute baby stuff. Come on April!

Layla said...

Sorry about the video camera drama. Don't worry, Luke and I have no opinion on what kind of car you should get. Can't wait for the shower. I love having a good reason to buy cute baby stuff. Come on April!

Sophia's Mama said...

No worries Layla we are grateful for the advice... We are happier with our new purchase... Now Riz is going to talk to Luke about a lap top ... LOL...