Monday, January 28, 2008

Let them eat CUPCAKEs (BTW the Corona belongs to Riz)

Have you ever just wanted a cupcake? For no reason I just wanted a cupcake yesterday so that is what we did made cupcakes. We spent Sunday making simple out of the box
chocolate cupcakes with white frosting.
We dressed them up a bit with colored Jimmies/Sprinkles. I have to use both words here because we can never agree on what they are called
I was raised calling them Jimmies, Riz was raised calling them sprinkles, so what do you call them???? Whatever it is they are yummy goodness... My favorite was the PINK... It made me think of the days in the future when I have to make trays of cupcakes to send to school or for birthday parties or just for fun with Sophia.. I can't wait..

Oh yeah they were delicious too..:)

Stay tuned for more from the birthday cake lady...


Mike and Rhonda said...

May I say, those are BEAUTIFUL cupcakes! I am with you, I cannot wait to be the homeroom mom and bring them to school.

Sharon said... and cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes, but "Sprinkle" cupcakes! Yummy!

Sharon (trying not to get excited about the Spanish RQ rumor)

Stephe said...

See, we got it all figured out where I live. The longer brown ones on the center cupcake are called Jimmies and all the different colored ones on the circle of cupcakes are called sprinkles!

Sophia's Mama said...

LOL ... Stephe in fact that is what it said on the bottles.. LOL so funny..

Sharon try it some time you would be surprised how good beer and cupcakes go together lol NOT!

Rhonda we will have to share stories of being homeroom moms later on..

Cheri said...

Yummy...those look DELICIOUS!

Did you save the one in the middle with the SPRINKLES for me!!! LOL

(I am with Riz, I call them "sprinkles"...never heard them called "Jimmies" before. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm! Susan makes the most delicious cupcakes! Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy! He he! Looks like you had fun.


Sophia's Mama said...

LOL Amy I am making the Lemon Cupcakes from your shower next week so stay tuned LOL