Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today this blog is brought to you by the letter S........................................

Saturday we had visitors in our house. Wendy and her two beauties stopped on their way home from the beach (Ft Myers). Riz and I love having them come for a visit. It is nice to get a glimpse of what our lives are going to be like when we finally get Sophia home.

Kate and Claire just LOVE! Riz and at any given time you can find them sitting in his lap. He loves it as much as they do and is always a willing participant.

This morning before they left for home I witnessed a conversation between Riz and four year old Claire. Riz was sitting at our dining room table with Claire in his lap. Kate was not far away and was drawing a picture for me. Wendy and I were sitting and talking about her new house and about our adoptions. Wendy said she can’t wait until we all get our babies home. She said it is going to be great when we can all get together with the kids. At this point this is what I heard

Claire: (out of the blue says) Susan and Riz, Cheri and Shane……… to Riz

Riz: Yeah what about us?
Claire: you all are going to have babies!
Riz: That's right, do you want to know a secret?

At this point 6 year old Kate comes into the conversation

C&K: What? What? tell us...
Riz: Do you know what Shane’s nick name is?
C&K NO What?
Riz: Shappy
C&K Now Laughing uncontrollably from the belly…
C&K: SHAPPY!!!!! That is funny… (again Laughing uncontrollably….)
Riz: Don’t tell him I told you that.
C&K Why not?
Riz: Because he only lets special little kids call him Shappy
C&K: laughing hysterically But Why?
Riz: because he does not like when adults call him that.
C&K: but why?
Riz: Well he just does not and he is a big guy and we want to keep him HAPPY!
C&K still laughing....that is silly
Riz: You can call him that the next time you see him.
C&K: When will that be?
Riz: I don’t know hopefully soon…

SO we had to do this

And guess who wanted to hold Shappy’s name?

Cheri, I know you can't hear it but, the Theme Song for Sesame Street is playing...


Cheri said...

Oh my gosh...I have the biggest smile on my face right now and tears in my eyes. I had to call Shane at work and tell him to check his work email because I was sending him the link to your blog!! Thank you so much for doing this for us, we miss all of you so much and it's so nice to know that you were thinking of us. Shane loved the story about Claire asking where we lived and then asking if you were in Ohio. They are the sweeteest little girls ever!! Wendy you are so lucky that they are your daughters. I look at them and see how happy, sweet & lovable they are and it gets me through this waiting phase of the adoption. I can't wait until Hope is here and we all get together. Kate, Claire, Aiden, Sophia and Hope....what a beautiful sight that's going to be!!

Thanks Susan for doing this!!!

We love all of you!!

Cheri & SHAPPY!! LOL

Kevin & Kimberly said...

They are absolutely beautiful girls!!

It must make you have a sense of peace seeing them for a little glimpse of your future with Sophie.

Thanks for sharing Shane's nickname - LOL- now that Cheri explained it, I understand!!

Christine said...

Oh my gosh way to cute! Love the big smile on Riz! Come on CCAA match us up with our babies!!!!! Our men want to be daddies!

baci326 said...

This ENTIRE post, including the Sesame Street music, is in one word, AWESOME! The pics are great and tell the story precisely! What a great time we had. Kids are definately the best!

Alyson & Ford said...

Wened a kid fix too, so the grands are coming to our home for a long visit on Saturday.
Love the music!!

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