Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eighteen months

Today marks 18 months that we have been waiting for our referral from china for Sophia. This wait is incredibly hard on all of us. We want to be parents more then anything, our family wants to be grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, our friends want to see us become parents and to have Sophia in their lives. We are so grateful for all of the support that we have around us it is what is getting us through this. We know that Sophia is going to be one loved little girl.
We hate to wish time away because you can never get it back but, in this case we are doing just that, wishing the summer away (not just because we live in Florida and it is HOT!). We hope that with Fall will come better news about referrals and when we may be going to China to get our little sweetheart. It looks like we may have 6 months or more to wait before we get our girl. That makes us sad but, we know it WILL happen (as our good friend Wendy always says you WILL get your baby. Thanks Wendy for being such wonderful support). We know that it is in Gods time and/or in China's time so, we will continue to wait as patiently as we can knowing one day this will be a memory and that our life will be filled with nothing but joy!

In the mean time I thought we should have something pretty to look at, enjoy!

"Sunrise over the Peaks of the 18 Buddhas"
Huangshau Mountains Anhui, China


Melissa said...

You made a good point about our families and friends also waiting. I sometime forget that this is also difficult for them! it stinks that we have to wait so long but you are right and this wait will be histiry soon!

Lily Kate's Mom said...

You are right Susan, we will get there together and this long wait will be just a memory, with so many more wonderful ones to come.

Our family and friends are as fed-up as we are with waiting, but they are so loving and supportive, it helps us get through.

At least we are 18 again - how many people get that to be that - LOL!


geminirn said...

Yes the wait is long and very difficult at times,however you now have 18 months of waiting behind you....you see you did get through that 18 months so now you are certain that you are capable of getting through another 6 or so more....piece of cake~wink~

Doris & Dan said...

Happy 18! I feel the same way. I hope time flies because we are all having fun and your little one is in your arms soon.

Keep smilin!

Cheri said...


Hang in there....you have 18 months BEHIND you and only ONE group at EAC ahead of you!! Sophia will be here before you know it and I can't wait to post comments on your blog about how darn cute she is!! :)

Love ya,

Christine and Iain said...

Beautifully put Susan! We will get our little girls. You reminded me to thank all our family and friends for waiting with us and supporting us! What a beautiful photo! thanks for sharing.

Here is hoping for a speedy summer!!! :)