Friday, July 13, 2007

I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! this show

again don't ask why because I am not sure I can even tell you. I have always been fascinated with this show. It is in Re-runs right now and I can't wait for the next season to start. I also love "Survivorman" and "Man Vs Wild" on The Discovery Channel. Oh yeah and "I shouldn't be Alive" also on The Discovery Channel.

I know it is weird but, summer time is a slow time for TV.... I think this may also be the after effects of growing up the only girl with three older brothers. That, and growing up on the beach in Florida (Ormond Beach)and watching the shrimp boats out on the ocean from our beach approach.

What are you watching?


Julie said...

We love Deadliest Catch, Man Vs. Wild, Flip This House and MythBusters! We are also big game show watchers - even the vintage stuff on GSN (think Match Game 1977). In the summer we get hooked on the hokey reality shows like America's Got Talent (really that's just the kids). Russ loves King of Cars, and I want to check out Miami Ink that y'all were talking about in the Tommy Lee post. Our regular season favorite shows are The Office, My Name is Earl, How I met Your Mother (and the rest of the CBS Monday night line up). We are big into any and all crime drama (all the CSIs, Law & Orders, Criminal Minds, ....) Just regular TV junkies. We have also been watching a lot of movies this summer with cable, on demand and netflix. We are miserably addicted to our (gasp) 9 TVs!!

Sophia's Mama said...

Julie we too love Flip this house(all the Real Estate shows for that matter). I love the the reality shows that are on during the summer (mindless TV LOL). Myth Busters and King of Cars two of Riz's favorites along with History detectives (I must admit to liking that one too). Regular season viewing well, everything you all like we do to with the addition of Lost and We are Soprano's fans too..

We are miserably addicted to the big black box also...

Kevin & Kimberly said...

We LOVE Deadliest Catch and have watched it both last season and this year. Like Man vs. Wild, it is addictive!

We also watch American Chopper. I love House Hunters and Flip this house - I think it is called The Real Deal now. I also like What not to Wear on TLC. I also watch America's Top Model. $40 a day with Rachel Ray. Oh and Hell's Kitchen is really good!!

Oh, and I have to admit, I still watch The Real World on MTV.