Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Poem from a friend

I was feeling a little down today about the length of this wait. Referrals are said to be on their way and it looks like the cut off date will be Nov. 14th (still a rumor at this point no conformation yet) That means Families with LID'S from Nov. 8th 2005 until Nov. 14th 2005 will receive their referrals. We know people who will be receiving their referral this time and we could not be happier for them.They have endured this long wait for their referral right along with us. I will write a post about them when they get their referral. Things are moving slowly but, they are moving and we are getting closer everyday to our LID of Jan 10th 2006.

The great thing about being connected to others who are going through this process or who have been through it before is that they all offer support when you are down.
a friend from our local "Families With children from China" (FCC) group sent me this poem to cheer me up.

Thank you Lisa H. it worked...

Aching Hearts
Your heart is aching for someone to hold you.
My heart is aching for someone to hold.
My empty arms are here to embrace you,
Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.

I hear your cries when you are hungry,
I hear you whimper when you are alone,
I hear you giggle when the nanny makes faces,
Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.

Hold on to your dreams of a family, of love
And I'll hold onto the hope of bringing you home.
Hold on to your dreams, we are coming to get you
And you'll be filling my arms, my heart, our home.

Give me your hand, I'll be there to protect you,
Give me your heart, and I'll cherish our love.
The love between Mother and child is precious,
Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.

I'll fly over an ocean to see and to meet you,
I'd dig straight through the earth to be where you are.
I'm waiting my turn; time is all that's between us.
Soon we'll be together, Mother and child.


Cheri said...


Thank you so much for sharing that poem with us. It brought tears to my eyes.

I wish the CCAA would have gotten further than the 14th but atleast we are 7 (LID) days closer to our daughters.

We'll get through this LONG wait together!! :)

Love ya!!

dianne said...

What a beautiful poem!Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Things are moving slowly...however at least they are continuing to move.....we are getting there.

Melissa said...

Those words are so pefect. I am also feeling down but we need to stay strong and soon enough our turns will come. Hang in there!

Dannye said...

i'm sorry that the wait is getting you down (heck it's been happening to lots of us lately...maybe it's something in the air depressing us??....)...but hey I've got a solution...lunch and retail therapy!! Can't wait!!