Friday, July 06, 2007

On to happier things

Even though the CCAA only did 7 days worth of referrals this time those of us on Zhouskids (our agency board) are VERY excited because we have BABIES!

EAC has a group of nine families that have been waiting 20 months for their referrals. Those families are right now experiencing the joy that comes at the end of the wait, REFERRAL DAY!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the families who received their referrals today. We are so happy for all of you and are thrilled that the wait is now over (well almost over) for you.

OK now details...

The babies are from Dianjiang, Chongqing China. Chongqing is the red circle in the middle, Beijing is the Blue on on the top and Gungzhou is the blue circle on the bottom. All of the EAC families will visit each of these cities while they are in China.

So far we have seen three of the babies and let me just say they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The Geither family from Ohio have a blog and have posted the details of their referral there. Elise and I have been chatting on-line for nearly the entire time we have been waiting. Elise has two other girls that she adopted from China. I can't tell you how many times she has given me a peep talk Thanks Elise) in the last 18 months. Elise is also the one who picked the name for our book cub Elise, Riz and I could not be happier for you. Thank you for sharing your journey to Violet with us.

The Rosa family (zhouskids family) were blessed tonight with Isabel born August 5,2006.

The Coats family (from zhouskids) were blessed tonight with little Anna Ruth born October 31, 2006 (my niece Breanna's birthday also, well 10/31/97).

The Ward family (also zhouskids) were blessed tonight with Jiang Ai Wei (still deciding on a name) she was born 8/25/06.

All four families have said that their girls are beautiful and have the sweetest chubby cheeks. I can tell you I have seen all three babies and their families are right they are BEAUTIFUL!



Melissa said...

Thanks for posting the happy news! Violet is beautiful and it is always exciting when your own agency receives referrlas. We have good friends with a LID of 11/30 so I am waiting patiently (yeah right!) for their referrals!

Rodrigo said...
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Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing all of the ones you know who got their referrals. We are slowly coming up to December!