Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To Go or not to Go?

I asked a question this morning to my DTC and Agency groups. I wanted to get a feel for how people think and feel about this topic. We were talking with other families about weather they did or did not have the opportunity to visit the orphanage their daughters were from. Some of the families did have the opportunity to visit and some did not. This raised the question to us IF we have the opportunity to go and visit Sophia's orphanage would we want to go? Would others in our group want to go? If so why or why not? How often does this opportunity arise? We listened to everyone's arguments one way or the other. We talked a lot about it and decided that for us we would want to go visit the orphanage that Sophia had spent her first months possibly longer in. We would want to thank the nannies who cared for her while we were unable to. We would want to thank the director for giving us the opportunity. We want to be able to answer Sophia's questions, should she have them one day about where she was before she came home to us. Now all that being said we know the reality is that most times this opportunity does not arise. We know that the REALITY of the orphanages is probably much different then what we have created in our minds. That is precisely why we would not want to pass up this opportunity.Our question to everyone who has BTDT or who is a waiting family is this, What are your feelings about this? Would/Did you go if given the opportunity? Thanks in advance for your input Susan and Riz

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