Friday, June 29, 2007

Let the Ride Begin

It is that time of the month again, The time when rumors start to fly, The time when we all get excited because there might just be a speed up this month (or at least we hope there will be). This month is no different the current rumor is that the CCAA will match families with LID's up to Nov. 17th. Last month they matched through nov. 7th that was only 6 days worth of LID's. We are really hoping that the rumor is true, I am the eternal optimist though. I think every month they will match more days then they do. I hope this month I am not wrong and that they make it to at least until the 17th of Nov. If they do in fact match families with Lid's up to Nov. 17th that puts us with 54 LID days in front of us. That does not mean we only have 54 more days to wait. In the last three months there have been 14 days worth of LID's referred. I don't know if we will see 10 days this month or not but, I will not give up hope of a speed up at some point. I know we will get our baby and that one day this will be a distant memory like the labor pains of child birth.

hang on for the ride

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