Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have been Purse Tagged

I have been tagged by Cheri...

This is what is in my summer bag...

By the way don't you LOVE Vera Bradley?

It is amazing how much stuff I can fit into one bag. That is the beauty of a Vera they are very organized.

1. My Vera Wallet, filled with the usual wallet stuff

2. My Vera Check Book (Yes I have a Vera addiction)
3. 3 Photos of the "Magic Wall" at EAC
4. A tin of Cinnamon Altoids
5. Riz's wallet (yes this is a habit he now has me carrying his wallet)
6. My Keys complete with Ladybug key chain
7. Migraine Excedrin (don't leave home without them)
8. Bath and Body works Tangerine hand sanitizer (we all have to have this)
9. Sunglasses
10.Savannah Bee hand lotion (my favorite)
11.Claire's rocks (a handful of rocks that Wendy H.'s Claire picked up the last time we were in Savannah she asked Riz to hold them and they were in the bottom of my purse)
12.My little pink book (address book)
13.A yearly calender
14.3 flat pennies from North Carolina (Cheri Hee hee)
15.27 cents floating around at the bottom of my bag
16.1 brown hair tie
17.1 brown hair clip
18.a tide to go pen
19.a finger nail file
20.a roll of TUMS
21.a Savannah Bee Mint Julep lip balm
23.Tissues (Joy, Love, Hope)
24.Cell Phone
25.I-Pod and head phones
26.a pen asthma inhaler
28.a Coke bottle top (Riz is entering them for Coke Rewards,thanks Pat L) little black back that hold all the little things above

Lets just say that everyone always says that if you need something ask me I will have it LOL is this ridiculous or what. LOL.... You know always be prepared....

OK now I am tagging Susan L, Wanda, and Stephe.....

That was fun and I cleaned out my purse at the same time a much needed event.

Oh and how did I forget to say the book I am reading Lisa See's Snowflower and the Secret Fan.... 7/3/06 I just noticed that I left off my BRIGHT PINK retainer case LOL


Melissa said...

I have the same Vera Bradley Wallet!

Sophia's Mama said...

Melissa the funny thing is I don't have a purse to match it but it kinda of matches the Masa Red Villager I have.... One more reason to buy an other Vera Bradly bag Shhhh don't tell Riz LOL

Sophia's Baba said...
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Sophia's Mama said...

OK so you don't think I am strange I was trying to set Riz up with an account just in case he ever wants to chime in or comment on any of our blogs he will henceforth be known as Sophia's Baba LOL

How cute is that... LOL

Lisa said...

I don't have the nerve to go through my purse. LOL. Love the blog!!!!!!!!

Sophia's Mama said...

Lisa is that You? Lisa S.?

Cheri said...

Sophia's Baba...that's so cute!!

Susan, I love the purse...a girl can never have too many Vera's!! (Sorry Riz...I'm a bad influence when it comes to purse shopping)

Lisa said...

Hi, yes it is me.

Sophia's Mama said...

Hi Lisa this is so fun I am glad you are joining in :)