Saturday, June 16, 2007

Overwhelming! to say the least

I have to share this amazing website with all of you. My friend and travel mate Susan Love sent it to me with a message that she became very emotional while viewing the photos. I too became emotional while looking at them because I realized that these photos were taken in late May 2007 (this year!). That means that our Sophia and the Love's Lily Kate could be amongst those babies in the photos. I know that many of you who will read this are also waiting parents in the Dec and Jan LID groups and from Zhouskids (our agency group) those are our children in the pictures can you believe it???? It is just overwhelming to me to know that because of these wonderful people my baby and yours will be drinking formula bottles made with CLEAN drinking water. Clean water is something we as Americans take for granted everyday. It is eye opening to know that our babies have not had the luxury of clean drinking water... Until now .... I personally want to say thank you to this group of wonderful people.

Click on the link above then click on the box to the right that is labeled China 2007. You can scroll through the pictures by clicking the plus sign. There are captions for each picture at the top of each page.

Love Susan


Cheri said...

It gives me chills just thinking that we could be looking at photos of our very own babies!!! They are all so sweet, I just wish we could bring them all home!! :)

Dannye said...

it is just amazing and the babies are just darling!!!!

Kim said...

I think it's such a great project, did you see the one with the filter? It was already brown :(

Karen said...

I just spent this afternoon looking at ALL the photos from the clean water project! I couldn't help but feel that I was looking into the eyes of someone's future son or daughter. The last two referral batches from my agency have been from Chongqing, so I couldn't help being emotional!

Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you for the wonderful web site. The pictures and children are just unbelievable!

LID 01/27/06

~elise said...

I was a crying mess watching these photos too! Esp since Fuling was included and I remember being there 2x so well! :)

Angela & Bryan said...

Hi Susan,

I hope you don't mind,I "borrowed" this picture for my blog so I could post about their website on my blog too!!

LID Jan 4/06
PS The link to my blog on your site doesn't work:

Sophia's Mama said...

Angela, Of course copy away that is what blogging is all about right LOL...

I am so glad you posted your blog address. I don't know what went wrong the first time I put it on my links section. I did not save it in my favorites so I have been missing reading your post. I fixed it now and it is working.