Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Shoot of the Grandkids

April 22nd is my in-laws wedding anniversary. We are always stumped about what to get them as a gift. This year I thought of the best idea and I knew they would love it. I called my sister in-law Tabby to ask if they would be interested in having professional pictures done of the grandkids. She and my Brother in law said yes and loved the idea. So a few weeks before either anniversary we took the kids to Portrait Innovations (would HIGHLY recommend them to any parent) and had a profession photo shoot done. This was the first photo shoot for both Sophia and for Christopher and I think they did great…This is just a sample of what they took…



0072 0016 0020 0024 0029 0033 0040 0048  0067 0003 0008 0011 0035 0052 0056 0065 0068 0070 0071 0074

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