Tuesday, May 11, 2010


April was such a great month for us. We started out celabrating Sophia's and Riz birthday with a mini Vacation. We were sort of lie a traveling band of gypsies.. We had no real plans up until the very last min. when 2 opportunities presented themselves to us at the same time. The first was the opportunity to enjoy a few days of R&R at a great resort in Orlando. So we jumped at this and spent 3 days lounging around the pool sipping fruty adult beverages. It was pure heven if you ask me. Nothing to do or worry about other then enjoying each other. From there we went to spend a few days in our favorite city, Savannah, Ga. There is simply nothing like Savannah in the spring time. From there we headed back down to Florida. Riz decided he was not ready to come home yet and Pricelined a room for us for Easter night. We spent that night on the beach in North Florida again relaxing by the pool. I know I speak for Riz when I say there is just nothing we enjoy more then spending time together, the three of us as a family enjoying some rest and relaxation. We had a great Easter too, Sophia loved searching for her Easter basket in one of Savannah's beautiful squares. The Easter bunny was very good to her this year. On our way home we got some wonderful news about our second adoption. Our paperwork had been sent to China on the 5th So that meant that we were now waiting for our LID or LOG IN DATE. That is when our offical time of waiting begins. It was not long that we had to wait for the LID because on April 19th (our best friends wedding anniversary) we got word the we had our LID it is April 19th

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