Monday, February 16, 2009


In an effort to make life easier and save some money we "Bundled" our Cable, Internet and Phone service. It was quick easy and will save us about $45 a month or a savings of $540 a year, WOW who knew. I love that we get to keep our same phone number and all the same services as we had before for less. I also went paperless with all of our bills to eliminate clutter from the house and save a bit of money on stamps (they are going up again just in case you have not heard from 42 cents to 44 cents) and envelopes. Our City water gives us a discount for being on automated payment each month and it is nice to not have to worry about that bill being mailed anymore. I also removed the camper we sold last month from our auto policy finally and that will save us a bit more each month on the auto policy. Now if I could get motivated to start selling stuff on EBay and have a garage sale I would be doing good. I HATE to have a garage sale but it needs to be done. Just how does so much stuff accumulate so quickly??


Tamara said...

I hear ya about the garage sale. Mom sells stuff on Ebay- but I never have- Craigs List is a good place to sell stuff- or if your just looking to get rid of it try Freecycle.

Cheri and Shane said...

Start with will make so much more than you would with a garage sale. You know everyone wants things for a dime or nickel at a garage sale!! LOL

mumma to many said...

I say ebay and no cable sounds like 2 savings in one! :)
We have 5 channels to choose from!We are far toobudget to pay for tv!
Boring but ok!
Hugs Ruth in NZ