Sunday, April 13, 2008

This and that

Some of this and that and what we have been doing to stay busy
beware this post is all over the place.....
it's our life right now ....LOL

Dinner Challenge

Stephe's dinner challenge make dinner with anything in your fridge that will go bad if you don't

I made Ziti with a tomato cream sauce, Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes Olive Oil and Balsamic dressing, Rice pudding and Cranberry Juice to drink... It was yummy and fun....

Sophie's Room
Sophie's room needed a few finishing touches so we hung curtains and took some new pictures
One of my most favorite thing in Sophie's room

Sophie's' Shelves

What a mess the changing table is the catch all for all things China travel

Sophie's room with the curtains

The Kitchen Remodel
(still in progress)
The windows after new paint and before curtains

and now with new curtains

New over the stove Microwave, cabinets and counter top...all unfinished

Cabinets all finished except we are going to add one more to the left of the stove but we had space issue and it needs to be custom fit so Riz will work on that in the next few weeks

For some reason we did not take a picture of the kitchen before the old counter, sink and cabinets were removed. I know I have pictures somewhere but I am to tired to look right now..The old cabinets looked like the top cabinets here which we are planning on replacing soon.......
New Cabinets in but unstained
New Cabinets in and stained
Riz still needs to finish my cabinet
for my baking sheets

Before cabinets and moving the fridge
and stove
Fridge and Stove moved
cabinets up but unstainedall done and stained..
I need a piece of Farmer art for over the fridge

A Disney Visit with the Hedden family
some of our most favorite people
Riz, me and Julie
Sam and Emma

More remodeling
Unpainted fireplace
After being Painted
And then back to Disney for a visit with the Harps
some more of our favorite people
Ken Shu Shu and Sharon
Shu Shu was not so sure about Mulan and Mushu


LaLa said...

Love that pink paperclip : ) So jealous you spent time with Julie and Russ and their crew!

Her room is BEAUTIFUL!

Sherri, Todd & Sam said...

Sophia's room is beautiful. Great colors and the picture of your friend Julie with her children Sam and Emma, what great names. How sweet Sam and Emma, thats our children names, Sam can't wait for Emma.

Sophia's Mama said...

Lala, we just love the Hedden crew they are awesome people. We are very blessed to call them friends...

Sherri, how funny about the names. It did not dawn on me until I read your comment. Those are great names and great kids yours will be too...

Cheri & Shane said...

GREAT post!!! Love the picture of the little paperclip in honor of Sophia!! The kitchen and Sophia's room look wonderful.

The Space Shuttle is AWESOME!!! Sophia is going to LOVE it!! We just switched Hope's carseat (from the infant carrier to the one we bought), she is now facing forward and we bought those dual DVD players to put on the back of the front seats. We put Hope in the car yesterday to go for a drive and she LOVED watching The Backyardigans and being able to see us without having to try to turn her little head around like she did when she was facing backwards!!! LOL

geminirn said...

THE KITCHEN REMODEL TURNED OUT FABULOUS....looks really great guys....and the BABIES ROOM...ADORABLE it is simply BEAUTIFUL,so happy for you both!!