Monday, February 04, 2008


How many sunflowers are in this picture?

Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase by Van Gogh
The number 14 is very exciting to us because that is how many LID days we have left between the current cutoff date of Dec. 27th 2005 and our LID of Jan. 10th 2006. We are realistically looking at a referral in April (OMG I can't believe I can type that WOW! after all this time). It could be April when we finally see Sophia's sweet little face. It could be April when we know what orphanage she is from and if she is being effected by the winter storm China is suffering through. Please take a moment and read the post below also if you go to the Half The Sky Website here you can read updates on the orphanages. We ask that if you can spare anything to help you do so we have made a contribution in hopes that it will help Sophia or any child that might be hungry or cold because of the weather.
We want to take a moment to say congratulations to all the families who are receiving referrals this month. We know where you are and how wonderful this feeling must be.
These are 2 great blogs and friends who just today officially became Mommies and Daddies.
Kim and Kevin adopt Hannah Ruth
Wendy and John adopt Catherine Ellen Mei


Julie said...

SOON, SOON, YES SOON! Maybe even before April. Oh, Sophia will be home soon. I love the picture to go with your post - you are too creative, my friend!

LaLa said...

oh,....sooo close!!!! How exciting is this!!

geminirn said...

WELL MY DEAR APRIL WILL BE A GREAT MONTH TO SEE THAT ADORABLELITTLE ANGELS FACE.....WOW!!!!!Only 14 more days worth........yippppeeeeeeee!!!!!

Layla said...

14 days! 14 days! 14 days! You are getting so close! This is so exciting! I can't wait to see Sophia's little face. Last night I showed Luke pictures of the babies posted via rumor queen. He thought they were so cute but did say, "You do know that you're not getting a referral, right?" :) Thanks for letting us share in your journey. We are so excited for you both and hope that Sophia and Mackenzie will be the best of friends.

Sophia's Mama said...

Thank you everyone... Layla that made me laugh out loud.. Tell Luke it could happen for you too.. LOL..Riz and I are so glad that you are part of this after all you have been there since the very beginning. I can remember the day we sent our paper work into the agency and going to lunch with you to tell you what was happening..
For sure Mackenzie and Sophia will be great friends I see play dates in our future..


P.S. I got my Baby Hawk in the mail Friday. I love it.. There is a story to tell though sort of funny stay tuned to the blog...

Christine said...

Yipppe Ya Ya Yeh!!!!!!!!!! 14-days Yahoo! The count down is on. You are SOOOOOOO close!!! Just think only 1 more batch and you could be after that. Amazing....! What a wonderful way to start the summer!! :)

LilyKate's Mom said...

14 days!! Can you believe we are getting that close?? This batch seems so real to me and looking at the faces fills me with so much emotion, as I am really starting to imagine what it will be like when we get the call. Our daughters!!

Susan and Jonathan