Thursday, February 21, 2008

Registering for my Baby Shower(s)

I always thought it would be fun to do this and it was more fun then I imagined. We have waited so long for Sophia and finally we feel close enough to do this. I did register way back 2.5 years ago but with the wait being longer then we expected my registries expired LOL .... Riz and I spent last Friday at Babies-R-US. Riz really indulged me because he really hates Babies-r-us he said it make him nervous and gives him hives LOL (not really).. So many of our friends, family and co-workers have asked us what we need and if we are registered. We decided to go ahead and register at Babies-r-us, Target and One Step Ahead because each has things that we would like to have for Sophia. It is really strange trying to register for a baby when you do not know how old she is. If you go and look at our registries you will see everything from Diapers to toys. We did this because we for sure will need some of the baby things and for sure need toys no matter how old Sophia is. Speaking of toys, I love this site called Mahar Dry Goods they have lovely hand crotchet toys among other things. We decided to create what they call a wish list over there. We found out today that the great people we work with (Riz and I work for the same Co.) will be throwing us a baby shower in April, we are very touched that they want to do that for us.

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