Friday, February 15, 2008

and here we are......

Rumor Queen Projections for the March Referrals

It is awesome to see our dates at the top of the projection chart.. as you can see we could be weeks away from FINALLY having our referral. If the CCAA is able to do 14 days we will see our referral in March if not then we are confident that we will have it in April. Remember our LID is Jan 10.... How exciting..

WE are either 2 or 6 weeks away from knowing all about Sophia.

To get ready for our impending referral we have been busy getting ready for our baby.

here is our short list LOL

  1. Sent to USCIS to be fingerprinted for the 3rd time

  2. Copied Dossier to leave behind while in China

  3. Made a list for mom of things to do while we are gone along with some groceries to get for us right before we come home.

  4. Painted our foyer

  5. Cleaned attic

  6. Had a garage sale

  7. Organized closets and drawers

  8. Registered for baby shower at Babies-r-us

  9. Put together red wagon and table and chairs for Sophia

  10. Hung curtains in Sophia's room

  11. Gathering items for care package

  12. Wrote letter for care package

  13. Had Dr. Ritterbeck (one of the doctors we work with) write out labels for photo album and put album together

  14. Shopping for video camera

  15. Shopping for new car

  16. Washed all baby clothes (9-12 months close)


Cheri said...

YIPPPEEE!!!!! You guys are on the charts!!!! We are so excited for you and can't wait to see Sophia!!

Oh, and just alittle advice...wash those 6 months clothes, too, because Sophia may be a tiny little peanut like Hope (who is STILL wearing some of her 6 month things..LOL)

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

IT IS ABOUT FREAKING TIME YOUR DATE IS AT THE TOP!!!! Had to type in all caps so that you could sense my excitement for you guys! I CANNOT WAIT! I'm just sorry I won't be able to run (or drive crazily) down the street to hug you. Get ready because this roller coaster is about to end and lead you to a whole new one you've been waiting in line for!

Kevin & Kimberly said...

YEA!!! You better get ready!! :)

Isn't it fun washing baby clothes?!! I never thought I could enjoy laundry so much! Cheri is right, wash the 6 month things...I need to do that.

It's a wonderful feeling knowing you are this close...enjoy it and I can't wait to hear about Miss Sophia!!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Holy Cow how exciting! You are right there at the top of RQ's list. Not to much longer....

LilyKate's Mom said...

It is an amazing feeling to b getting so close, isn't it? We have done a few of those things as well, but taking care of all this will help the time go faster and before you know it, we'll be gazing at their photos, memorizing every feature and counting the days till we are there to hold them!!!

I haven't bought much 6 month stuff...I want to hold off till we know for sure what size she is, or if, just maybe, there are two babies! But I do need to do some laundry for sure :)

Alyson & Ford said...

Isn't it just grand! We fall in the May, June or July date and after perpetually being 8-9 months away, this feels fantastic! We hope you are walking on air!


mumma to many said...

I so hope it is only 2 weeks or so away!
That will be awesome!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Angela & Bryan said...

yahoo ~ so exciting to see your LID at the top of the charts ~ I cannot wait to hear all about Sophia

Angela :)

Sophia's Mama said...
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Sophia's Mama said...
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Sophia's Mama said...
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Layla said...

Whoo Hoo! I am so excited for you guys. It's so nice to see your LID at the top of the charts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for March but April would be almost as sweet. Hopefully the time will just fly by. I can't wait to learn all about Sophia.