Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are so thankful for so much. We have been blessed with so much in our lives, that giving thanks is easy to do. It is at this time of year that We are most grateful for all that we have. We look forward to the day when what we have to be grateful for includes our daughters laugh...

These are 10 things we are grateful for this year

1. We are grateful to China for allowing us to adopt one of their girls and To Sophia's Birth mother who choose life for her. It is because of these things that we will soon be mommy and daddy to our Sophia.

2. I am grateful for the love of my life. I have been with him more then half my life and I could not be more happy. and he tells me he is grateful for the same thing, well for me not for himself LOL.....

3. For our family (goes without saying)

4. For all of our friends near and far - old and new you all have helped us so much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

5. For a beautiful warm historic home in a beautiful little Florida town.

6. For our health and the health of our family and friend.

7. For the means to adopt and to provide for our daughter.

8. For the Internet (what is getting us through this wait for Sophia)

9. For being Catholic- we both love the tradition, the ceremony, the message (this is what is really getting us through the wait).

10. Our jobs because without those nothing else would be possible.

oh we almost forgot..........

11. For Lola our cat ( all of you who know her stop laughing) (Lola a forced to be reckoned with LOL)


Cheri said...

Susan & Riz,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We love you guys!!

Cheri & Shane

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!

Next year we will have our girls!!

LK's Mom said...

Susan and Riz:

We send all our love and best wishes this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your friendship!

Susan and Jonathan

geminirn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both,how exciting to think that this time next year you will have your precios daughter in your loving arms.

AG'smoma said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Susan and Riz! Hope you had a great one!