Tuesday, November 06, 2007

~~~~CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheri and Shane

Well it has happened our good friends Cheri and Shane got their referral yesterday.... Hope is Beautiful and somehow the CCAA found a baby that looks just like Shane, only more cute LOL no offence Shane you know we love you.... Go now and look at sweet baby Hope ... We love her already :)



amy said...

I love referral time..Hope is fabulous..Congrats to everyone

Cheri said...

Thanks Susan & Riz,

We can't stop staring at Hope's picture and we can't believe that she is FINALLY here. This next month we will be very busy, but it will also be very long because we are so anxious to bring Hope home!! We're going to have our baby home for Christmas...isn't that WONDERFUL!!!

Oh, and you forgot to mention that she has adorable little toes!! LOL

Love you guys!!

Cheri & Shane