Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Cheri and Shane

We want to wish Cheri and Shane a very happy birthday the first of many as Mommy and Daddy... Cheri's Birthday is today and Shane's is on the 19th of Nov. It is a very good month in the Hyland household..... We can't wait to celebrate our first birthday's as Mommy and Daddy but for now we will enjoy watching Cheri and Shane enjoy their first.....

We love you guys.....

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Cheri said...

Susan & Riz,

Awww....thank you so much for the very sweet Birthday Wishes!!! This really has been the best birthday ever. And next year will "top it" because Hope will be in our arms on our birthdays!!

That photo is from the Memorial Day picnic and I can't wait until this year's picnic because then we can take pictures of Hope & Sophia together...you guys HAVE to come this year!! :)

Thanks again!! Love ya both!!

Cheri & Shane