Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day Dreaming

After all the months and years of dreaming of a baby... Their Baby .... Our Great friends Cheri and Shane are just hours from finally seeing their daughter Hope. They will no longer wonder If or when will they know who she is. They will never again wonder what she looks like, They will no longer wonder where she is.... Today Cheri and Shane found out that they are in this round of referral and will be notified in the next few days of all the details about their daughter Hope. Riz and I could not be happier for them right now. We are so excited for them that I jokingly said on our agency group today that you would think Hope was our Baby LOL... Cheri being her sweet self e-mailed me and said "she is your baby niece"... Thank you Cheri for sharing today and this moment with us.... We are over joyed for you and to be able to finally say WE ARE NEXT!!!!!!even if it is only Next with our agency LOL....

Stay tuned for more details about Hope and all the other December 2005 referrals

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Cheri said...

Awww....thank you so much for the sweet blog entry about us. You guys are the greatest and I honestly would never have made it through this long week without you. Susan, I have bugged you so much this week and you've never acted like I was annoying you. I'm sure it's been tough to get any work done with me emailing you every three minutes!! LOL

Hope is going to be SO lucky to have you and Riz for an aunt and uncle. Not only will she be thrilled because everytime we'll visit you, she'll get to see Mickey Mouse, but she'll also get to see her wonderful family in Florida. And that's what you guys family to us!! We love you both and we can't wait until you are experiencing all the joys that we are going through right now. It wont be know why?? Because you are NEXT!!!!

Thanks again for everything!! Love ya both!!