Friday, August 01, 2008

We interrupt this blog

to bring you this advertisement.......

While in Nanchang, China we met and talked to a wonderful, sweet business women named Tiffanie. Tiffanie and Riz have been corresponding ever since we have been home with Sophia. She was a great help to us after we came home with Sophia with understanding what China custom is, as it relates to raising children. She helped us to understand that Sophia sleep issues may be because, in China it is customary for babies to sleep with adults until they are as much as 3 years old. We are under no illusion that Tiffanie will remember us in the long term, but for now she does remember us partly because she and Sophia share their family name of WAN..... We were so touched by Tiffanie and her sweet nature that we want to tell people that are traveling to Nanchang to look for her store... Riz even told her if she would like to post an advertisement to our blog we would be honored to help her. The following is a brief advertisement from Tiffanie, I am sure as you read it you will see what I mean about how sweet Tiffanie is....... We wish her well and hope to stay in touch with her in the future....We are posting her e-mail just as she sent it to us as we feel it really captures how sweet she is and the true essence of the people of China.....

Please visit her website.....

Dear Rizzo
Thank you for offering me a place to speak to these lovely adoption families... I really appreciate it !
Here is my presentation ,please help me if I happen to make any mistakes in words, I spend hours to look it over again and again. however , I believe there is still a long way for me to go in English study,therefore ,please help Tiffanie to have a self-introduction with just pretty English..---------------

Hello, my name is Tiffanie,I have 3 stores in Nanchang (
is our website),selling beautiful Jiangxi local products and custom-made clothes for children. all of my stores enjoy convinient locations to the hotels popular among JIangxi adoption families. through the years, I have witnessed numerous foreign families come to help Jiangxi orphans by providing them with a warm home. I am deeply touched to see your love and good care shown on these poor children. I often think ,you care about Jiangxi children,then, who care about you in Jiangxi? as a native here , what I can do for you and your wonderful families?
In this case, besides we provide Jiangxi families with the best quality goods with the most favorable prices, we take a part of profit to make a variety of free service for Jiangxi families ,-- I am happy to give free finding ad ( also,mail it to families abroad for free. I count the ads we have provided these years, that we have given the free ads to over 1000 international families with Jiangxi children) ; free maps of orphanage city ( map is only availabe free for the families who come to pick it in our store),free going on internet ; free laundry for baby's clothes . by doing so, I feel more hopeful and faithful with the business I am going on,and I believe it will help more people care about Jiangxi orphans and the overseas adoption families with Jiangxi children. on the other hand it may makes sense for Jiangxi families to come to know about Tiffanie and my business!!
the other day,I knew a charity fundation named Amity accidentally, who provide aid specially to Jiangxi children. that is great !! I am going to sponsor this fundation to help Jiangxi children who are still in orphanage, mainly by the way of donating cash( it may not be a lot from my small business,but I hope Amity will welcome my efforts to be a little help) or gift ( toys,clothes, books).
when Tiffanie's stores move steadily in the concept of while making a living to feed ourselves,helping others in the way we can ;I feel that the right time arrives to witness the big succuss in my business.
Sincerely yours,
Tiffanie in Nanchang


kim said...

Hey guys,
I'd love to be able to view your blog...I know you are going private! :0)

Kim P.

ps Pete was in China (coming home tomorrow) working with Bring Me Hope at a summer camp for orphans. Check out his's pretty AMAZING!

Kay Bratt said...

Your daugher is very cute---I hope you have peace in your heart as you wait for that Gotcha Day!