Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday - the gift.

Please join me in wishing my beautiful wife and new MaMa Susan a very Happy and special Birthday.

As I write this post I see from the corner of my eye Susan rocking Sophia for a nap - both peaceful and content. I have tried for weeks to think of a great gift for Susan's B-day and now realize the greatest gift happened on June 16th - the day we held our daughter for the first time. The gift of motherhood has been a blessing every day.

Happy Birthday MaMa! We love you!

Riz and Sophia


Susan said...

So sweet! She is a natural and I know being a mom is what she has always wanted. What an amazing gift we have all been given!

Happy Birthday Susan!

much love,
S, J, LK and E

Maria said...

Happy Birthday, Susan! Hope it's the best ever!!!


Cheri and Shane said...

Awww...Riz you are so sweet!!! :)

Happy Birthday Susan!!

Love ya!
Cheri, Shane & Hope

hiltonsheadeast said...

Awww, Riz are so sweet and so right. Sophia is the best present EVER. Her first birthday holding her daughter. A dream come true.

Love you guys!

Stephe said...

Yes, we love you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday MaMa!!!

We love you!!

Lisa,Matt,and the kids

Mike and Rhonda said...

Riz - How sweet for you to post those beautiful words.

Susan - Happy Birthday my friend! Now with Riz's sweet post and being a mom to Sophia...those are the post precious gifts you could ever be given.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Susan! What a great tribute Riz. Sophia is the bestest gift ever!!


Gail said...

Happy Birthday Susan!
Love the picture.
Those smiles say it all.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you... Riz is right. You are a natural when it comes to being a great mom...
Love and Peace
Grandma Alice

Patsy said...

Another Leo! Wonderful. There can never be enough of us. :)

You look so very happy. And I am very happy for you.

Your blog often brings tears to my eyes … and I'm a crotchedy old broad not prone to tears … LOL!

Happy Birthday , Susan.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mama Susan. You are a just beautiful in the photo with your daughter. May the three of you celebrate many more happy ocassions for years to come. Riz, you are a good man!
Love you guys!

Julia said...

what a wonderful husband you are! (A wonderful daddy too!) Happy Birthday Susan!

NewMommy said...


Happy belated birthday! In response to your post on my blog...yes, parenthood is better than I would have ever thought. I can't stop staring at him! Everything about him is incredible. I just love the pictures of Sophia. She is beautiful!
Kim S.

Amie said...


Sorry I am late to the game...

Hope you had a great birthday!

I am betting this was your best ever!