Friday, July 25, 2008

Going Private

We have decided to make our blog private. Now that we are home and will be posting more and more pictures of Sophia we feel it is a safe guard we must take to protect her. We have held off doing this until after we were home form China. The time has come now to make the move to a private blog. If you are a follower of our blog and would like to continue to follow our lives as a family of three please e-mail me and I would be more then happy to send you an invite to the blog. The only difference is that when I send you the e-mail you will have to accept and then sign into your yahoo account to view our blog. We will give it a week or so before we go private to give everyone the opportunity to send me an e-mail.

Thanks so much for all the love and support during our wait and then our trip to China for Sophia. We hope to see all of you in the private blog world.......

Susan and Riz

Update: I have received all of your request to join the private blog. I am saving all of them in a folder until I make the blog private and will send invites to all of you at time. I will send to all of you who posted to the blog as well at that time. Thanks for all the kind words and interest in our lives. I should have posted our e-mail address too it is


Norma said...


I would like to have an invitation to your private blog. I have been following your blog all along and would like to continue. My daughter adopted her daughter from Sichuan in January this year. Your Sophia is just beautiful and I am sure both of you are extremely happy.

Norma (Grandmother) and Denise (Mom)

Mike and Rhonda said...

Of course I want an invitation to you private blog. I have been a follower of you blog forever.

Kevin & Kimberly said...


We'd love an invite!! Gotta keep following up with you and so want to see more about Sophia!

Please add us :)

You know my e-mail address!! :)

Kim :)

Kim :) said...

I would love to have an invite to follow your blog! As we have been waiting TWO years, these blogs are my lifeline!

Tamara said...

Susan- please add my Mom and me to the list. You know we have been following along.
Tamara and Penny

Sheryl said...

I would love to continue following your blog! Please please pretty please!

Sherry said...

Hi, Susan. I would also like an invite to your blog. I like to read about how Sophia and her parents are doing. Our Christa is wonderful and she is adjusting well. Thanks, Sherry from your travel group.

Sherry said...

Hi, Susan. I would also like an invite to your blog. I like to read about how Sophia and her parents are doing. Our Christa is wonderful and adjusting well. Thanks, Sherry from your travel group.

Sherri said...

Hi Susan,

I would love to added as well. I'm going private myself in August. Two years going on waiting is enough for me. I will open up a travel blog when we travel and then a new family one after that that will be private.

Andie said...

I have only been following you since your referal, I found you through RQ. I just want you to kow that you have a beautiful family! If you don't mind me following along, I'd love an invite, but since we don't really know eachother, I will understand if you don't invite everyone. Blessings to you all-

Cheri & Shane said...

Don't forget to send us an invite. I will go crazy if I don't get to see all those precious pictures of sweet little Sophia! And I know my parents will want one too! I think you have their email addresses, but if not, let me know!! :)

Anonymous said...

i did send you an email but do not forget grandma alice ok..

Lisa said...

You know we want an invite!!


Kevin & Kimberly said...

I don't know if you got my first comment or not...was having computer issues when I sent it.

But, yes, we would like to be added to your list. We would love to continue to follow you as a family. Can't wait to see more pictures of Sophia!

Kim :)

Cindy said...

Hi Susan,

I would like to be invited to your private blog as well if that's ok.

Cindy in NH
LID 1/26/06
Precious Panda

karenhry said...

Hi Susan!!
Just got back from visiting riends from N.J. and checked your blog.. I know Cheri told you we would love an invitation but I'm just letting you know,too!! We love seeing Sopia's pictures and hearing about the three of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, Riz and our beautiful Sophia,
I would like to join your blog and continue to enjoy you pictures and accomplishments of Sophia.
Carolyn Stewart

layla said...

Luke and I would love to be invited to continue to follow along. We love seeing the pictures of Sophia.

Jill Cole said...

Hi, Susan--I would love an invitation to your blog. I'm Cheri's friend from Ohio. I love reading about everyone's adoptions and seeing these beautiful babies get more beautiful everyday! Thank you for including me!

LaLa said...

I want to come along.... email me at

I totally understand your need for privacy..I have thought of it myself : )

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy your blog and helpful travel to China tips. I am hoping we will need to use your tips soon. Thanks for posting.
LID 2-6-06