Wednesday, October 03, 2007

September has come and gone part 3

The very next weekend we were invited to spend some time visiting our friends and travel buddies Susan and Jonathan Love in Atlanta. It just so happens that the Atlanta Zoo has several Giant Pandas
and the baby Mei Lan was having her first birthday. Susan and Jonathan invited us to come so we could attend the celebration.
We had a nice time at the Zoo with them. We were also able to meet their wonderful friends Derek and Marcia who happen to be their neighbors and who are also adopting from China. It was nice to spend some time around families who are sharing the same experience. Jonathan and Susan, Derek and Marcia took us to the Varsity
for lunch a tradition and a must stop in Atlanta. It was super crowded because of a football game that day but it was fun and the food was good although Riz's new Savannah t-shirt will never be the same again LOL lets just say Mustard and a white shirt don't mix LOL.. We spent the rest of the day exploring Atlanta with the Loves and got to see the site for their new home, just beautiful.
For dinner They took us to one of their favorite places a nice casual restaurant where you can sit outside and eat. We did just that and talked until the place was closed. It was a real pleasure getting to spend this time with the Loves. I think we all agree that it will make our trip to China even more special because we feel like we will be with old friends.
Oh I almost forgot to mention that while we were in Atlanta Susan arranged for us to have dinner with another EAC family who we met through our agency yahoo group. We all followed their journey to China when we first began our wait. Julie and Russ are fantastic people with a warm and generous spirit. They invited us into their home for a wonderful dinner and conversation that will always be appreciated. Russ and Julie have 5 Children Coleman the oldest greeted us at the door like a true gentleman, Jack the next oldest is one handsome kid and polite beyond words, Robby stole my husbands heart and made all of us smile with his adorable way, Emma well what can I say other then she is a beautiful child. and last but not least Sam he also captured all of our hearts with his playful happy manner. We really enjoyed following Russ and Julies journey to China for Emma and Sam. We are so grateful to Susan for setting up this dinner because we really enjoyed ourselves. Plus the Heddens have a Wii game that was to much fun. You should have seen Riz (Ribz) and Jonathan (Dr. Love) playing with the kids very cute. We had a fantastic weekend and hope that the next time we see the Loves it will be on our plane trip to China for Sophia and Lily Kate...

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