Thursday, October 25, 2007


OK, so, yesterday someone on the Dec. Yahoo group posted that on the Spanish Rumor site there was a rumor saying that the CCAA had matched through the 10th of Dec. This would be so fantastic because we have not seen this many days in a referral group for some time and this would mean Cheri and Shane would be getting Hope's referral. Then before the end of the day it was posted to the Spanish Rumor site (a blog run by someone in Spain who is in the adoption community) that they have now been told that it is possible that the cut off date MAY be the 12th or the 13th.. OMG even better... It is VERY hard not to get excited when we see this kind of information out there. We still don't know for sure and all of this is speculation until we actually see referrals start to arrive and hear who has the latest date either then or if the CCAA changes their site to reflect the ACTUAL cut off date. I tell you though I am WAY excited about the rumors.. I just hope that next week I am not super depressed because they are not true. In any case I have decided to enjoy this moment of bliss in the referral rumors and worry about the aftermath later... Riz has said for weeks that he has had a feeling that Cheri and Shane would be in this time and that the cut off would be the 10th so we will see... My prediction last month (October) while we were waiting for referrals to come was that they would do to Nov. 30th and then in Nov.07 do half of Dec 05 and then in Dec 07 do the last half of Dec. 05. I so hope I am right because that would give us our referral in Jan 08 it makes total sense to me because then they will be at a 2 year wait and will be starting a new year (2008) with the Jan 2006 LID group.

OK sorry I am excited and that was a lot of improper grammar and rambling but I wanted to put my thoughts down just in case they are right....Below is the post that is on the Rumor Queen Site this morning......

We wanted to take a moment to wish all of the Dec. 2005 people that we have been waiting with for 2 years now and who we have grown to know and love, luck we want you to know that our excitement for you is overwhelming. We are as excited for you as anyone can be congratulations to all of you who are about to become parents.

Now, Back to the wait...

"European Rumor
October 25th, 2007
A European site says the cut off will be the 12th, possibly the 13th. There is no information about where this information comes from. They say they are “confirming this”, they aren't treating it as a rumor but as fact.

I give it an R1 or an R2 at this point. I hope they are right, but I wouldn't take it to the bank just yet. "


Kevin & Kimberly said...


I so hope this rumor is correct for all of us!

That is awesome that you would be in for Jan 08!!!

Saying a prayer that this is true!!

Kim :)

Lily Kate's Mom said...

Ha! I see you are stalking RQ as well. I sent you and Cheri and Wendy an email about this and then read your post - how funny! Can we please get some good news, pretty please CCAA??


Cheri said...

Susan...this is it!!!! We are finally getting to the end of our wait. I can't wait to see Hope's face for the first time and I'm SO excited that you and Riz (& The Loves) will be NEXT at EAC!!! I know it will be January for you guys and you'll be home in plenty of time before our trip to the mountains in May!!! Wow, a trip with our exciting is that!!!! Sorry for all the "!!!!", I'm just so happy today and I can't hide my excitement!!!!! :)