Monday, October 08, 2007


FINALLY! the CCAA has finished November 2005. I have waited to post this until today because the CCAA has been on Holiday for the Autumn Moon Festival all week. They are back to work now and have changed their website to say this

It is official they finished November. We are all celebrating now even though they only made it through 5 days. It was a little hard to swallow at first but, I think most of us have moved on to the anticipation of the next round of referrals. We are SUPER excited because our friends Cheri and Shane who live in Ohio. They are using EAC and could be within a few weeks of seeing their little Hope's face. Riz and I are as excited for them as anyone could be. If Cheri and Shane get their referral this go around that will mean that the CCAA did 7 days worth of referrals. That would mean 2 things
1. A slight increase in referrals (they have been doing 4 and 5 days for months now).............
2. We will be the next group for our agency to get referrals. I can hardly believe that we may be on the verge of saying we are next.............

So, we say goodbye to November with great joy. I am hoping that in the next 6 months the CCAA is able to get through December and January.

We Will see....


Cheri said...

Sue & Riz,

You guys are so sweet....we know you are super excited for us and we can't wait to get our referral and post our "She's Here" blog entry!! And we REALLY can't wait for the day that she gets to meet her Aunt Susan and Uncle Riz!!

I am FULL of smiles today because November is finally finished. I hope with all my heart that they fly through December. To think that we could only be weeks away from finally seeing Hope's face and that you will be able to say you're is a HAPPY day!! :)

Love you guys!!

Gail said...

I agree.
GOODBYE NOVEMBER!! HELLO December and hopefully soon (fingers crossed) JANUARY!!!!!
It will be nice to see some of the Dec. DTCers finally get their referrals!!

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Celebrating with you that Nov is over!!

Won't it be great when we can finally talk about our babies on our blogs and how sweet they are rather than talking about this wait! LOL!!

We then can exchange baby pictures, baby tips and hopefully pictures of our families finally meeting each other!!

geminirn said...